Any landing net info?

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  1. I'm thinking of purchasing a new landing net and would like any info - pros and cons! Collapse type, handles, i primarily bass fish sooo.....

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    Ego nets are affordable and very durable. Do a search and you'll find them. You can find them on the "Adventure Products" web site .

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    try looking at a Frabil powerlock--treated no-snag/hookless bags and a sliding handle that locks into position--another thing i like about them over other quality nets is that the handle design will not roll in your hand when sliding it into the locked position--i bought a huge one for muskie and liked it well enough to get a smaller one later on after the "sticker shock" wore off:D :D--they ain't cheap but i doubt that i'll have to buy another one;)
  4. Cabelas brand (made by Frabil) landing nets are decent and sturdy, but the 1.25" diameter round extendable shaft is not self-aligning. The better Frabils can't turn. The yoke to shaft is got a generous V to be easily aligned and locked. Using locktight on the screws that attach the hoop to the yoke could save you a fish or headache. The coated net is wonderful, hooks don't get snaged, but 36" or 38" deep for my 23x26 hoop is too deep for me at times. I like the better Frabils.
  5. The best net I've ever used (most) is the Frabill Power-Lok with the Power-Lok yoke. It stows easily and deploys in one quick motion. Unfortunately, mine is now resting comfortably on the bottom of Saginaw Bay, so I'm relagated to using my "old" Frabill power-Lok net.:mad: I wouldn't spend my hard earned $ on any net that wasn't self-aligning when deployed(Beckman).

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    Man that's a big OOOPS :( , I hear ya on the beckman too, I put a Beckman bag on my cummins 10 footer that can alligned without looking, it's the ultimate net and lighter than the Beckman and I don't have to keep it all the way extended.
  7. Nets that sink. It just doesn't make sense. Frabill should have thought about filling the shaft with foam or at least permanently attaching the plaatic end cap (and rubber hand grip). The end cap and rubber grip on my Frabill/Cabelas extendable shaft is on the bottom of Lac Des Quinze, Quebec. On the brighter side, I complained to Cabelas and they quickly sent me a replacement which will be modified with silicone to keep the cap and grip from falling off again.