any info on the muamee?

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  1. hey guys,
    i posted yesterday about going out sunday on a party boat out of port clinton. the weathers not looking to hot for sunday. last i heard they are calling for 4-6 footers and 15-25mile winds. we are heading up saterday and we are looking for a back-up plan. has anyone been up to the maumee river latly? hows the river looking and are the fish bitting? any info would be great, i'm hoping we get out on the big lake but i'm not holding my breath. thanks for any help guys.

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    the Maumee is in NORTHWEST Ohio last I checked.

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    A member of the 'MOD SQUAD' will move it over for ya.
  4. the odnr website the other day said the white bass ran is at its peak. .dont know if thast what your looking for but it may be an option
  5. tic-toc.... tic-toc.... where is misfit?
  6. last time i checked Port clinton was also in northwest ohio!
  7. Check the first reply. They are just letting you know the mods would probably want you to post this under the NW Ohio forum.