any info on rocky??

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  1. bwhntr4168

    bwhntr4168 always take a child

    looking to get down !! but would like to know what the lake looks like??
  2. lake is fishable....crappie fished it yesterday with great results. Upper end is real muddy, clearer water down toward dam. Tons of people bass fishing, not sure how they did. Good luck!

  3. Fished it for Bass Sunday 4/6. Water looked good but just a bit cold. Be willing to bet results would be better today. WORK SUCKS.
  4. i second this ...yes work does suck...

  5. I was one of the Bass Fisherman out there Sunday. Loved it. Water was pretty muddy up the lake, even in the South Beach Bay. The Dam and Marina areas were looking good. I did manage three small keeper LM on the western end of the main lake. Not too bad for first time of the year, considering pressure and conditions. Boats were everywhere. Water temp at 10 AM was around 50 at 3 PM 55+ depending on location. I never went West of South Beach Entance.