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  1. We have 110 acres of pasture here and it bumps right against I71North. Deer just cruise through here and don't stick around. I can't plant a food plot due to we plant hay and corn so all the tillable fields are being used. I do have some area to put some mineral sites or possibly make something to hold corn or what ever else you guys tell me.Any thought what to do to hold the deer here ? Thanks Guys.....................Rich
  2. Bassy

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    Id say get a fence about 12ft high all the way around your property:D :D :D

  3. You pay for it buddy and you can hunt over here anytime........LOL...Rich
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    Even a little brush will go a long way. Let some border spots grow up high for a few years even just an acre will hold several bedded deer if they feel secure.
    They will hold to water and brush without fail. Good luck!
  5. Theres a couple of tree lines but thats hooks to the woods that is behind I71.Was thinking of maybe a feeder of some kind like a trough style? .......Rich
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    we used to hunt the property behind mcdonalds on rt 18 and I-71 , and it held a lot of deer. but it did have cover. you need cover or at least a bedding area. too bad they built houses there as the property ran all the way to riverview rd.was a great spot for geese too.leave some corn up for them?
  7. Tough situation, but freyedknot hit the only idea that will easily work. Leave a nice patch of corn upicked (if it is your land). Don't just leave a solid patch; leave a few mini patches that will allow you to hunt down the strips. This won't be nearly as effective until late in the season, but once all the other crops are long gone you will get deer to hit that corn consistently.

    I have hunted corn like this and seen a LOT of deer bedding and staying right in the standing corn a long ways off of any woods, etc. In my area of SW OH the deer literally follow the corn at times. Late in the year a standing corn field is a deer magnet.

    You can also still hunt standing corn very easily with just a little wind. Killed a small buck like this years ago when I was in highschool.