any hoover reports?

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  1. striperfreak

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    Going out this week, hopin the water isnt too cold for some basses. any report is appreciated for any species.
  2. Fished under the smothers road bridge for a few hours on friday. couple bites, but nothin' caught.

  3. Had about a 3 lb smallie hit a bass minnow under County Line Bridge on Friday. Saturday I caught one Largemouth off a point on a Mepps Spinner. Trolling has been real slow for me the past few weeks but a pontooner told me he was getting saugeyes trolling 10' of water. Mixed sizes of crappies are in the wood and other cover.
  4. What "wood and other cover" ? I drove the whole lake Sun. and couldn't find any structure that was any where NEAR the waterline. (I have to fish from shore).
  5. EE


    I target saugeye at Hoover and it seems like this time of year is when I catch a decent number of bass. It seems to me that as the water temp drops, there is a range in the 50's where the bass will hit anything I throw out (intending for saugeye), and then it drops further and the bass bite stops as the saugeye bite hits full swing.
    Just my personal experience, it may be completely different for others, but I guess my point is I don't think the water is too cold for bass right now.

    Good luck
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    I agree with EE re: bass.

    in fact, I have been catching more and bigger largemouth lately at Hoover than I have been saugeye. IMO the 'eye bite there isn't in full swing yet. Or maybe I am just missing them!

    At one point last november I caught five largemouth on five consecutive casts on a vibee at Hoover. they were all between 16-18 inches and fat. It was unreal. I must have been casting directly into a school because I would throw the vibee out, give it one good rip and a pause and SLAM.
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    Has anyone had any luck with the smallmouth at Hoover yet? Seethe303 and I were talking about this the last time we fished. I noticed that it seems like the saugeye really don't move in until the smallmouths move in as well. Hey John, have you thought anymore about this? Futhermore, does anyone know if a correlation exists between the saugeye bite and the smallouth bite?
  8. Columbusslim31

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    I guess not...
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    I would venture that perhaps the are both chasing schools of shad. I dunno... I don't fish a lot of lakes but around this time of year bait will run up into the creeks (or other shallows?) and predators will follow.
  10. I don't target smallies enough to draw any conclusions... but yes, I do catch more smallies when I'm dragging the riprap for saugeye in cold water. Smallmouth are classified as a cool water fish as opposed to a Largemouth which is warm water. Seems fitting to me they would turn on about the same time as the saugeye/walleye/sauger and pike.
  11. Hogjerker your right about not much accessible wood or cover other than riprap to those fishing from shore right now. I fish from a boat and am able to access the fallen trees and docks that remain. I did stop by near the dam over a week ago and one gentleman said he had caught a number of crappies fishing off the docks although he had fished the whole day to get them. He said they were pulling the docks soon.
  12. Boy did I have an experience last night! Got to Hoover about 4:00 and got the prime spot! I threw out a minnow under bobber and retreived a chart rr. Caught 2 keepers in 1 1/2 hours (both on the rr). Two young guys came about 4:30 (really nice. we shared info about where we had been fishing and what with). They fished on each side of me and we were throwing in the same vicinity. One jigged a minnow. The other threw a tube. They went home with 30 slabs. ????????? I think I may change my tactics tonight!
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    were you fishing in hoover or the spillway?
  14. Hoover. I'm guessing with the warm weather, the crappie have moved deep again. Each night, they were farther from shore and more towards the main part of the lake. Last night, only saw 5-6 caught total. All were caught with a minnow on 1/16 jig head.
  15. Did anyone see the Car they pulled out of the lake last night on the news - It looked like it was up by the Sunbury Bridge.
  16. seethe303

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    yikes... apparently there was a body in the car. I shudder to think that one of those many times I snagged "bottom" and lost my jig while fishing at that bridge...
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  18. Usually I could care less about local news (this person got raped, this kid got molested, etc. etc. I can't stand it), but I've been fishing from that location a few times within the past two years, and (as someone stated before) it makes you wonder if some of those snags encountered was the car or the body..........Creepy.:confused: