Any Handheld GPS work well in Car?

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  1. I would like to get a handheld that I can use in the car, too. Are there any handhelds made that do this better than others? I'd like to be able to use it here in the US and in other countries, too. Thanks for any info.
  2. mine works great in car, lowrance h20, has mount for dash or glass, no problems...

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    I use my I-finder Pro in the car but it is not as easy to use as the ones design for vehicles.

    I like it because I can swap SD cards and use the navionics SD card for the water.
  5. I used my Garmin GPS 12 when driving the back roads of PA and just let it plot the trail. Not meant for finding places automatically. The units for auto are so low in cost now that it makes sense to get one. My Lowrance 38HD has all the info but it is a tad to big to mount on the dash.
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    I think it depends on the car. My H2O works in my Chevy truck only when placed on the dash, otherwise it loses the position. In my Escort, it works fine sitting on the middle of the front seat. Probably more and thicker steel in the truck than the car.
    Same thing on planes. In a B-737 it only get position when placed alongside a window.
    In a B-767 I can hold it on my seat away from the prying eyes of the stewardess and it works fine.;)
    One other thing to consider, you can always get an active or passive external attenna to improve reception.
  7. Has anyone ever seen these Garmin Nuvi Personal Travel Assistant? There are several models from 350, 360, up to 880 or so. They look like digital cameras, some with Bluetooth technology enabling you to make calls through them. I guess they look more portable with some other features.

    I should probably just focus on getting the one for the wife's car, and a handheld for me. We like to travel and anything that keeps us from getting lost (and frustrated) is a worthwhile investment for me!
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    Tons of good deals right now. Watch features, not just price 5 stores selling Garmin GPS have five different models.