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Any good trout recipes?

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by bassn317, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. bassn317

    bassn317 Casual Fisherman

    I hate the taste of trout. My son brought home some "bows" from Silver Creek. Does anyone know of a good recipe to try that may change my liking to eating trout?
  2. Ducknut

    Ducknut Duck Enemy #1

    Several options...

    1. Drink a twelve pack of beer before you eat it. As Walleyeguy would say, "A man can eat prit near anything if he drinks enough beer first"

    2. Stew it with a cormorant. Throw away the trout, the cormorant and melt down the pot and give scrap metal to the army for use in making biological warfare type bombs.

    3. Feed them to the neighbors dog, if you dont like the neighbors dog.

    4. Use as catfish cutbait.

    5. Blend into soil in the spring to fertilize your garden. For those of you that do this with carp, eat the carp, mulch the trout.

    6. Give to someone that is always bugging you for fish and tell them to roast at 400 degrees for 4 hours, They will never ask again.

    The last one is my favorite. But it did lead to a divorce one time....

  3. britt


    The simpler, the better. Start with seasoned flour(garlic salt, pepper and paprika). Preheat the oven to 450 deg..
    Using an oven proof skillet over medium high heat, add enough oil to coat the bottom(enough so the fish won't stick-but not enough to deep fry). Coat the trout evenly with the flour-shake off excess-and place in pan flesh side down. when it's nicely browned-turn and place in oven. Cook for about 8-10 minutes. When done properly the skin should be crisp like a baked potato.
    Serve with lemon wedges.
  4. Inside an envelope made of foil, take two trout fillets, coat with butter. Season with salt and lemon-pepper. Thinly slice a lemon and place on top of fillets. Fold up the envelope. Cook on grill outside or in 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes, or until fish is flaky. Lemon juice will take care of the taste issues, but you won't taste the trout. Works better on a charcoal grill rather than gas. More flavor.
  5. britt's suggestion is GREAT too. I like trout that way. Makes a great breakfast when served with eggs and hashbrowns. I like catfish and eggs too, with a little sausage gravy. I'm getting hungry. Don't forget the Tabasco!