Any good spots around Huntington

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by Ray-Ray, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Planning on spending a few weeks back home in WV next week and wondered if you guys could give me some good spots to shore fish the Ohio for cats. Appreciate any spots you can offer. Only place I have been is by the riverfront and the mouth of the Guyandotte River.
  2. Down at the riverfront, people feed the ducks by the boat launch ramps.. I've seen a few cats fighting with the ducks over some bread ;) I was walking my dog and fooling around with little cigar sized saugars and small white bass when a 6lb blue hit my little spinner on a ultralite rod... Great fight on 4lb test all the while managing to deal with a 30 pound and hyper GSP pup.

    I don't know much about fishing from the bank on the river except at the Greenup and Gallipolis dams which are exactly the same distance up and down stream (45 miles). Other than near the dams, I don't have any honey spots. There is a freshly sunken barge (last year) half a mile downstream from riverfront park.. about three city blocks downstream of the bridge. You can see it driving across the 6th St/Chesapeake bridge. Been wanting to fish there myself but hadn't seized the opportunity yet. I think if you enter the park, you can drive all the way to the bridge and park. Be warned though, the park gates close at dark I think...

  3. Cool. I will hit the Riverfront after the MU game. Thanks.