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Any good at Berlin

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Chuck, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Thinking about fishing Berlin Mon. Anyone been fishing there. Will be in a boat.

  2. depends what you are fishing for. best time is eary or just befor sunset during the week lots of activity with pleasur boats on week ends . most of the fish are in skinny water 4 to 10 feetaround 224 causway and the flats east side betwen 224 and railroad bridge for walleye bas are sparingly smallmouth rocky dropoffs around causway crappy crappie are all over bush piles in 10 to 15 fow . lake is a littel bit low (two tf ) but clean not much weeds lrt down in fall. musky back in mill creek arm that it has been hit and miss the last mounth just being ther at the righ time is it good luck

  3. i made a mistake i said east side i meant west side flats east side 35 ft chanel just a littel off to the west it raises to ten ft fisu like to hang out there on drop off thers a hump there about 50 yrd wide then it drops down to 15 fow just south of mill cr !!!!
  4. Thanks for the info.Woll give it a shot