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  1. i am not one and my knowledge is very little, but heres the story. live in an older home with an addition. yesterday i come home and the wife tells me we have no power in half the house. i go down to see if the breaker was flipped in the addition, no they both said on. the main panel for the house is fuses and they all look good the plug in( screw in type) and the cartridge fuses in the main seem good when i test them.

    so what could this be everything seems to be in order.
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    reset all your breakers. they might look ok but maybe they are not. flip them to the off position and back to the on position. breakers wear out just like anything else. i had to replace an entire panel because one of mine wore out and they were so outdated they werent made any longer. how did i find this out?? had no power to all my first floor, front rooms.

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    that would be first thing to check.they can trip and sometimmes you can't tell.doing that will reset them.that may not be the problem,but it's the simplest check to start.without actually seeing the situation(what's out and where),it's hard to tell.also a good possibility is one leg of main service is dead for some reason.with the fuse box,it could be a bad cartridge fuse.easy check for that would be test the load side of each leg for can't really tell if they're bad by looking.
    if more than the addition is dead,my guess is the main box has a dead leg.
  4. If you don't know what you're doing, get some help. Either a friend, family member, or hire someone. I don't want to sound like a Nanny's boy or something but electricity is extremely dangerous if you aren't sure of what you are doing.
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    i found in my years of working with it,thatit can be dangerous even if you DO know what you're doing:eek::D;)
    but good advise on getting help.
    though the checks are simple,a little help would be a good idea if you don't have a clue.
  6. Bronzeback, were are you located at?
  7. If checking breakers dosen't fix it also take a peak at the wires coming in from the pole, and verify the meter is running. We lost 1 hot and the neutral a few months ago in a storm and had really weird problems until the power and light people fixed it.