Any Corn Hole Players?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fugarwi7, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. fugarwi7

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    Only the back yard version with bean keep it clean. :)

    Curious if anyone on here ever played or plays...I have played for about 1-1/2years and made my own boards. I get ridiculously obsessed with any new game and bought all the garb...three sets of bags, score board with beer holders and an extra beer holders stand too. Any other players on here?

    Maybe something additional for Hawgfest party! Great game to play and drink many cold ones.
  2. Bassnpro1

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    I love to play. And I must say that I'm pretty good as well:D

    here is a picture of the boards that I had a buddy of mine paint for me. I can't wait for the Bucks to get playing again!


  3. LakeRaider

    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    Its on all the time at Raiders. We have a nitetime game here all the time. We have a lit up area and a fire pit out back.. Its on all the time in the fall months. The boards and bags are in the John Deere colors! Jeez, even zfish and his wifey play! We love the game. Last week we forgot to take the bags inside and some critters hauled them off! :mad: Raider
  4. Zfish

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    Love to play corn hole. I still need to find a good set of Ohio State boards though :) Havent seen any that I've just had to have yet. Yep Red (Raiders wife is Queen of the boards) !!
  5. never heard of it. no idea how it's played. please tell us about it.

    ya wanna talk social about boccie aka bocce aka bocci. got my dads set....less one ball that got broke yrs ago.
  6. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    Yes Bocci is another great yard game. Heck we are up for any game that goes with beer! :p :D

    You should have seen the look on my brother-in-laws face when he visited from New York and I asked him if he wanted to play some cornhole!:eek: The look was priceless!;)
  7. I made up a set of boards a couple years ago. We play all the time at the cottage.

  8. cheezemm2

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    I just played last weekend at my buddies bachelor party...I believe this was at Phase II of the day:D

    Maybe we should have a fishing/cornhole tournament.....we'll call it, oh geeze, NEVERMIND!:D
  9. We play a similar game that we call holeyboard. I've also heard it called washers and texas horseshoes. It's played on a two 4' x 1' carpeted boxs, 8' apart with three 4" holes in it and we throw 3" metal washers. I've played both and like them both, holeybaord doesn't take as much room though which is nice.
  10. It's horseshoes but with beanbags and a wooden board.
  11. Yes love the game play as much as posible, have lighted area little tables for the beer. we are curantly planing a turnament for a block party. made my own boards and bags and also have a friend that is makeing and selling them.
    CORN HOLE!!!

    THERE'S ONE!!!
  12. My wife and I went to an OSU gam elast year and saw it. Some of the college kids asked us if we wanted to play. I was hooked after that. I went home, downloaded the rules and specs for the boards and bags and built 3 sets. We have a OSU, Jimmy Buffet, and Firefighter version. All with color coded bags.

    I built all 3 for like $40.00 and Dick;s wants $100.00 a piece!
  13. Do any of you build and sell them and if so How Much???
  14. Love the game. Cool thing about cornhole is that your wife or girlfriend can play as well...which helps them to drink more beer....which helps you at the end of the night!
  15. I seen these at Dick's also. I was like they want how much for this?!?!? No way. I make my own and for freinds also. Thats a sweet job on the OSU ones!! Bandit: Not sure where S.Lebanon is but they are easy to make. The rules and diagram is on the net.
  16. so easy to make. board dimensions can be found under 'rules' here at the ACA:

    i love cornhole & play every weekend!
  17. They are pretty simple to make but not everyone has the carpenter gene in them, lol. If anyone needs boards or bags, shoot me a pm. I have been making them for some time now and just recently started selling them. All my bags and boards are built to ACA (american cornhole association) spec and I am currently working with the ACA to get my stuff approved by them. I can sell them cheaper than any sporting goods store and I assure you they will be much better quality than you can buy in any store.
  18. Thanks Amorican for the link. I've been meaning to make a collapsible one for some time now.

  19. Sounds like something that can (or does) take place at Nimisila. :rolleyes:
  20. fun game! play it at all family functions, also play it with washers.. alittle harder!!