any concrete workers out there?

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    -or does anyone know what's "average" it costs to have a driveway installed(priced by the square foot or yard?), and I mean starting with a grass yard. We have a concrete drive now but can only fit two cars in it without blocking the sidewalk, but we own 16 foot from the edge of the drive to our property line on that side of the house so I have been thinking about doubling it in width to resolve the parking issues - not all the way to the road only from the house to the sidewalk so Im guessing 30 foot. There are alot of secondary drives in the "hood" around here that are stone and blacktop but I think they may have been grandfathered in because I was told by a native that you can only "upgrade", meaning if you have stone you can add blacktop, but if you have blacktop already you can't add stone, and If you have concrete you can only add concrete. I'm just trying to figure out if it's feasable $$$wise to spend the time to call and have someone come out for an estimate or if we have to wait due to the costs, I would guess if I do the prep work it would be cheaper but I'm not sure if that's an option for me depending on the time/cost/savings.
    Thanks again in advance for any suggestions or advice, I know i've been asking alot of home improvement type questions since we moved in to our place.
  2. Ive done both off and on for 20yrs and cost wise blacktop is cheaper. Might require more maint but Concrette isnt cheap by no means. Was around 80 a yard. Might be worth tearing the old out and blacktop all of it. Your going to have to have a backhoe in any how. If your old drive is spalding or pretty cracked it isnt worth the $ to put more next too it. I would think about renting A HOE and dump. Load it! Grade it! and let someone blacktop it. I think its 35 a ton but to a paving outfit its by the foot so. Might get a $$$ for both.

  3. Don't forget to get a permit and check with zoning if it is required for Eastlake.
  4. Your dimensions would help,I know You mentioned 30',but how wide?I could give You a reasonable idea of overall cost for the concrete addition.I have been in the business for almost 20 years.
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    the current drive looks like new- no cracks, chips or flaking at all it just doesnt give us enough parking so we tend to park in the grass (where i'm thinking of the addition) and of course the yard there is getting torn up now. As far as size 30 foot long was a guesstimate and im not sure of the width, our property line is 16 foot off the edge of the driveway and I'm not sure if the city will let me go to the line or if there is a standard width for a drive. For sake of argument let's say 30 x 12, I'm just trying to get an idea if it will cost in the area of $1500 or if I'm looking at say $4500 if you know what I mean.
  6. You should be in the neighborhood of 1500,that is for a complete job,start to finish.
  7. Average cost of flat work (driveway) in Columbus right now is about $4.50 (less for more square footage). May have a hauling charge but I bet 1cat... is very close but you may want to figure about 1750.
    Check out craigslist for the area around you and you will find some contractors that are looking for work and will probably give you a better deal.
    Try to do it in March or April if possible so no additive is put in the concrete to keep it from freezing.
  8. $5.00 sf here in canton number to go by.
  9. still only about 3.50 ft. around here.just depends on the location and who's doing the work.
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    The concrete cost for my new garage floor, approach and side entry step was $1410.00 total cost that included labor. I had a friend finish so I save a few dollars.
    My floor was 24X30 plus a 24X4 approach and a 4X3 side step. all this was 4" to 4 1/2" thick.
    I'd say you should get it done for $1500.00 also remember you may have additional cost in a gravel base you should put down. I also had the fiber put in the concrete.