Any carpet installers here??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Chuck P., Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Chuck P.

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    Looking to lay down about 52' of 15' carpet in the downstairs of my house.

    Front room 25' x 13'.6"

    Dining Room 14' x 14' 1/4" plus small hallway area along with 14 stairs.

    Anyone lay carpet or know of a good installer around the Springfield Ohio area? Every bit of the install should be seamless using the 15' wide carpet, I hate seams.
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    But nothing you'd want in your house...;)


  3. Chuck P.

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    I'll take your word for it :)
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    Chuck I have a buddy who does near Columbus?
  5. Chuck P.

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    I'm about 45 minutes from Columbus, right off of I-70
  6. Make sure your installer uses a power stretcher properly. Many installers own them but choose not to use them for the sake of time. If your carpet is not "drum tight" it will not ware good. Also, use tack strip on the stairs. Just plain staples won't allow you to adjust your stairs tension as the years go by.

    Also latex all seams before seaming.
    Double strip on concrete floors to allow proper stretch.

    If an installer is not up to CRI 105 Residential standards you will be re-strecthing your carpet when the seasons change. Then you will be calling me, a FCITS Flooring Inspector to help you with your problems.

    Be carefull. Most installers are average at best. Pay someone a few bucks more to go slow and do it right, rather than fly through it so they can get to the next job.
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    joe hit the nail on the head. There are many carpet installers but only a few that are worth anything. Since its 15ft wide goods I suppose its Berber carpet? They are harder to install and need to be seamed and stretched properly. I am close to you but got out of the carpet installation years ago. 27 years in the buissness and dont feel like lugging those rolls around anymore. I specialize in hardwood and ceramic installations
  8. Yes That is right on, I own a cleaning and restaration company in central ohio, we do 5-10 "restretches" a month due to poor instalation.

    Homeowners shouldnt be paying me to restretch carpet in their great rooms in 2-3 year old houses.

    Properly installed carpet should never get wrinkles, it doesnt just get loose over time, its the "knee kick" may only hold up a few years sometimes......
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    I am having carpet replaced next week.... this great info folks!