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Any bear hunters out there?

Discussion in 'Out Of State Hunting' started by Smallie Gene, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Smallie Gene

    Smallie Gene Banned

    Some hoser from Canada sent me this picture taken at some dump. One hell of a place for a bear stand I guess...the bait is already there.[​IMG]
  2. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    I'd just like to know who took the picture...! Talk about stones. :D

  3. Actually it would not take much courage to take that picture. The people probably drove right up on them. In some areas in Canada they have a real problem with the black bears taking over junk yards. Many areas still use the junk yards like you see in that picture. Where we go there is a junk yard and if you go early morning or evening you stand a pretty good chance of seeing bears.
  4. Smallie Gene

    Smallie Gene Banned

    I know some kid who says his uncle took the picture but he lies about everything else so I don't know why I would believe him on this one either. I guess the bear population in parts of Canada are just out of control.
  5. Some areas even dropped the spring hunting season. I had spoken a few years back to a taxidermist in the area we go to who was an avid hunter. He said they had just done away with the spring season. He felt it was a major mistake and that they would be really thick.
  6. I Think The Antis Was The Cause Of Taking Spring Bear Hunting Away
  7. That's EXACTLY why. But, the spring season ban was short lived. If I remember right, it only lasted one year.
  8. Smallie Gene

    Smallie Gene Banned

    What in the frig is the "Antis?" Is that like a Praying Antis that crawls around in my bushes??
  9. I almost said that I was not sure whether the spring hunt was still out. I wondered whether that lasted or not.
  10. Antis refers to the Anti-hunter groups.
  11. I thought it was BEER HUNTERS>..sorry I misread.
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