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  1. Well the time is upon us. I was wondering if anyone has managed to hook into any steelies yet. I'm new to the steelhead fishing in the area, as i just moved from CT, but was looking just to see if anyone had had any luck...details not required but would be helpful...thanks in advance!
  2. I fished the lower Rocky River and Edgewater recently, but no steelhead action. If we get some cool rains and chilly nights, we'll start seeing some steel in the next couple of weeks.

    With that said, the best way to find out if they're in is to get out there and start chucking some hardware.


  3. There might be a few stragglers here and there, but the good river mouth action is still at least a few weeks away. The water is much warmer than it should be this time of year.
  4. Darcy Egan and the P.D. stated yesterday that the mouth of the Rock was giving up some steel but I would take that with a grain of salt.

    Soon.....very soon.......
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    Darcy says the same thing, at the same time of year, year after year. He doesn't do the research.
  6. He is the biggest joke that ever wrote an outdoor column. Sort of like a weather man, he guesses. :( :confused:
  7. His reports from May til now are about the same thing. Walleye are slow, perch are being caught but you have to sort through the small ones, you can catch largemouth bass early and late in the day on inland lakes, but catfish are biting after dark.
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    Yeah I love Darcy's article!! I never thought to try a topwater bait in the morning and evening along shorline cover during the Summer months. He's a joke!
  9. I think he reads these sites and reports a summary in the Plain Dealer. When a few folks post that they're "killing the big readears at Portage Lakes", you can bet that it will appear in next Friday's fishing report summary.

    So D'arcy...A few smaller trout are being caught in the lower rocky, even as far south as the Morley ford. A mix of hardware (spoons/spinners) and jig/maggot combinations. Conditions were nice on Saturday - level up a bit (6" or so) and a bit stained (12" or so visibility, clear in the shallower rapids) in the lower end of the river. Didn't take a temp, but wet waded in the afternoon instead of baking in the waders. Was not uncomfortable - actually a bit refreshing. Crowds were very light, probably due to the absence of a good number of trout.

    The bridge at the Rockcliff ford is finally open, so the entire length of the parkway is easily accessible.
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    I've personally seen some Steelies attempting to venture up a nearby tributary before the recent rains. I would guess that since it has rained the mouth may have opened up and allowed them access. I'll find out early next week :D
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    I went down by Emerald Necklace on sat. talked to a few guys one guy said he landed one and he had one on for a quick minute when I was there I;m heading out this morning to see what I can do I'll let you know how I did when I get back
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    zero!!!!!!! well 1 gobie!!! lol
  13. this cold rain and cool temps should help out a bunch. I have 5 dozen spawns tied up from end of last year. I may venture out sat. Now my real decision is to thaw a dozen or to not thaw.
    FYI, my first steelie of last year was sept 24th, 31 in female @morley ford.
  14. Thanks Guys, you've been a real another question....i'm thinking about some fly fishing lessons for steelhead (I've got the equipment, just not the skill yet), any suggestions?
  15. just got back from painsville dam.water to high and muddy.current fast.bum trip.left and went to the wall at fair port jumping but no bite. talked to some people in a pontoon boat that were trolling the bay said they were locating a lot of bite also.soon to start i hope. tight lines to all
  16. went out thursday and the fishing was great hooked 11 landed 8
  17. Fish On,

    Nice Fish!!!

    Were you at Fairport?
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    Did the headlands breakwall late afternoon yesterday from 4:30 - 8:00. Indeed the fish were jumping around 6:00, big ones too. There were about 5 of us loners spread out from the beach to the lighthouse without a single hit. I caught a few white perch, dinks, but some of the trout were jumping 3' in the air, and a few looked to be over '20 easy. One fella said he saw a smaller one jump well over 5' and doing some serious acrobatics. Water was pretty murky, and it didn't help that one behemoth of a barge was turning 180 degrees smack in the middle of the harbor. I was using crawler-tipped roostertails, spinnerbait, bottom rigs, another guy said he was using a wobbler. The water was flat, but the weather was beautiful. What's funny, is that at dusk, the big bite hour, everything seemed to get silent and I couldn't ever get a blasted goby to steal anything.

    Later I mosied over to the short pier without so much as a single bite, and nothing was stirring at all. Weather permitting, I'll be back out late tomorrow afternoon looking to get a taste of that steelhead action.
  19. Hit the Rocky on Sat., saw some jumpers but nothing was biting . Used a mixed bag of hardware , and jigs . Water clarity was decent , moderately clear with some light sediment . Spoke to 2 guys who had fished close to the marina , 2 hook-ups but no catch . I'm gonna head out on Fri.7th don't know where yet . Good luck to those who are out !!!!! There coming!!
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    Hit the Fairport breakwall this afternoon for a couple hours with no luck. Was very hot out but was the only time I could get out.

    Question- I noticed signs that the park closes at dark but then saw the signs for 24 hour fishing access but the road seemed to lead back into the park. Can you park there and still fish the breakwall area in the evenings?