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  1. Big black ants in my boat :( tried a few methods to exterminate not sucessfull starting to see more sawdust, any info. would be apreciated... Thanks
  2. Sevin dust. You can get it nearly anyplace that sells any yard stuff.

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    carpenter ants ? wood floor? or is the sawdust from the rafters of your garage.those big bumble bees drill holes in wood too.
  4. Thanks guys, Van I see the black ants inside my boat there smart enough to run and hide when you aproach them.
  5. Carpenter ants are a sign of a bigger problem, wet wood. Amdro will kill the entire colony, unlike pesticides that kill from contact. Once you get rid of them, you need to find and fix the real problem.
  6. Good one ! I have ants too. Tried all kinds of stuff. Got rid of them where my gas tanks are , now there in my seats. I hate ants.
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    I believe its Ortho that make a product that is an ant and spider killer or maybe its roach's. It comes in a container about the size of a 40oz beer. Its a granular bait. They haul back to the colonies. It has worked for me in as little as three days to completely get rid of them. THrow the stuff down liberly theve for a week or whatever then vacume it up. S
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    i vote for wet/rotten wood had it in my tracker had to rip out all of the floors and replace them and the seats

    had them build a nest in my 12 footer in the foam under the seats

    what kind of boat?
    stored outside?

    there sounds like a bigger problem
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    as a former owner of a small pest control company,i can say that even if you kill the ant colony, you still have a wet wood problem--those ants nest in wood that has been or still is wet--so you still will have to find and fix the leak and eventually replace the wood that has been compromised by exposure to water or the little buggers:D :D will find their way back in sooner or later--good luck and tight lines!!!