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    How did everybody do at Antrim yesterday?
  2. Hit Antrim this am for about an hour. No luck but I did see some trout cruising around. I do have a funny story about how big of aholes some people are. I watched a gentleman fish a spot next to me, he tried all sorts of baits. He left with no luck, even though fish were jumping all around him. Enter ahole. A guy walked up and had caught his first fish only moments after he arrived. On my way out I stopped buy to tell him how funny it was that he managed to land a fish so quickly. I asked what he was fishing with. The only word Captain obvious was able to utter was...."bait". I guess it was a trade secret. Good Luck if you go,and remember that you will have great success if you use ...."bait" Mike:D

  3. Dude....Bait rules!!
  4. goldhummingbird

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    Fished Antrium for a while this Am. No hits, but like fishingfireman, saw plenty of trout cruising the banks but no one was bringing them in. Good Luck.
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    :S my dad and a frend of ours went thursdat about 7:30am saw a few crusing a guy 10 feet from us neted one but the only thing we saw caught in a rod and real was a 17in 3lb largemouth our freind cought on a chartruce spinnerbait

    we went agian today at 8:30am and dident see a fish crusing or caught nobody had even a nibble.
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    next time at antrim,try floating minnies a couple feet or so below a bobber.yes,other baits work,but when the water gets cold minnies will do the trick sometimes when the fish turn down other offerings.
  7. Went this afternoon. Saw some cruisers but no biters.
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    me and pigsticker gave er the old college try on thursday aroun 11-2pm and notta! saw 2 people with stringers.

    always a hoot fishing with that dude!