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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jethro, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. Me and a friend went to Antrim for the first time friday. People were everywhere. It reminded me of a paylake. We were told it was freshly stocked with trout. Anyway we didnt catch anything in about an hour and a half using power bait. I was wondering if there are many bass or catfish in the lake. I didnt notice much cover other than weeds. Do they stock catfish in the summer?
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    I've seen some LM bass caught at Antrim. You're right - not the greatest in terms of cover/structure. As far as I know trout are all that are stocked there - little ones in Spring, breeders in Fall.

    Not sure about stocking cats but I caught my biggest channel of the year at Antrim on a late warm summer night. Didn't have scale, but was over 10lbs. Didn't have a camera along, so etched in my memory alone.

    Not the greatest place to fish, but for me, just a matter of convenience as I live a mile away. Curious, you said it was packed - packed with walkers, joggers, or with anglers????

  3. When I fish Antrim it is usually early in the morning before there are to many people (usually starts getting bad about 10:00).
    Most of the structure in Antrim is drop-offs with a few areas that have weed beds. The year of the bad drought the lake dropped very low and I was able to get a good look at the structure as far as the drop offs go. The drop offs are very sudden and very deep. Remember, this is an old quarry. This is why I urge anyone wading it to wear polarized glasses and move slowly.
    As far as the fish go I have caught LM bass as big as seven pounds, SM as large as five, white & black crappie, bluegill (of course), trout (of course again) and channel cats (stocked with leftover from the fair). I have seen a couple muskies, some very large carp and heard of saugers being taken from there.
    Antrim is a very tough lake to fish, due to the clearity I believe, but well worth it when you can nail some of the larger fish.
  4. we used to skinny dip there when i was a kid- it's real deep at the south end. the crappie are good there and the scenery is great. largies on the north smallies on the south.
  5. it was packed with anglers, walkers and joggers. The entire lake except for the back side was lined with anglers and the walkway looked like a walkway at an amusment park only with about 30 unpleasant dogs.