Antrim was hot today 4/1/08 Report

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JamesT, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. JamesT

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    I went to Antrim from 7:30 to 11 this morning and did pretty well. Started off a little slow on the east side of the lake in some spots that have produced for me in the past.

    Around 8:30, I made my way to the northeast corner and started throwing a 1/2 oz Acme Kastmaster with my 8ft medium heavy spinning rig for extra long casts. After casting, I gave the lure a solid 6 second count to sink and slowly reeled in.

    The action started with 2 smallies in the 14-15" range, about 1.5 pounds each. Then, interestingly, I landed a 24" channel cat, and a fat one at that. Three largemouth in the 16" range; all were very pale in color. From 9:30 to 10:30, there was no action, but around 10:30, I felt a serious tug on my lure and knew I had a good fish on.

    At first I thought it was one of the huge trout that I've been targeting for the alst two years. After a 4-5 minute battle, I landed something I'd never seen. Can anyone identify this fish? All I know is that it was one of the biggest freshwater fish I've caught - maybe 10-12 pounds. Sorry for the poor picture quality but all I had was my Treo cellphone camera and had to ask an onlooker to take the pic. Is this thing some kind of catfish?

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  2. I think those are called spoon bills or paddle bills or something like that. Those are in the Deer Creek spillway and are protected. Wonder how it got into Antrim, maybe the river flooded one year or something. Nice catch.

  3. I think this is called APRIL FOOLS!!!
  4. JamesT

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    Didn't know they were protected. As I was getting ready to release it, another fisherman wanted to take it with him for dinner. Good thing I declined and let that guy swim another day...I wonder how big those get?
  5. wow...u guys are gullible.
  6. misfit

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    that thing is bigger than 10-12 pounds.i know,because it was about 20 when i cauht and released it last month:p
  7. true2plue

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    I usually don't respond to bogus threads like this one, but I can't hold back. :p By the way that you are holding that fish, I can tell you right away that it weighs more than 10-12 pounds. If indeed you were telling the truth, I would estimate at least 20 lbs. I know fishermen are known for lying, but this is waaay over the line.:confused: Happy April fools!!
  8. Guess the jokes on me huh, I seem to be the only dummy that fell for it, lol. But we have those fish in Ohio waters so I thought anything is possible.
  9. PapawSmith

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    Thats a pinnochio fish.(More commonly known a "Presidential Candidate" fish) they seldom tell the truth hence the long nose and the whole "I'm from Antrim" story. He's probably from somewhere much larger, more exclusive, just wants you to think he's a regular Antrim kind of guy. I can see he's good at the deception thing, he's convinced JamesT that he's only 10-12lbs while the rest of us can clearly see he's at least 25. Sneaky bastards. :D
  10. Love what you are wearing on such a wonderful April 1st day in central Ohio!!:p Looks like 70's and sunshine wish i was there it was freezing!!:(
  11. A few years ago, a friend of mine caught one of these (spoonbill, paddlefish) on a twister tail while fishing for saugeye in Paint Creek. He took it to the bait store about a mile from where he caught it to get it weighed (25lbs) and photographed before releasing it. He also said that they are endangered.

    Congrats on what's likely a once in a lifetime catch.
  12. JamesT

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    Thanks for the comments guys! Looks like I underestimated the size. I'm not used to catching bigguns!

    Slim, I agree, the sun was off and on yesterday - unfortunately it was far from from 70s (I thought you lived around here - guess not???? or maybe you were inside all day???). Anything above 55 and I'm in t-shirt and shorts - that's what growing up in south Texas will do to a guy!! I did notice that during the fishing lull from 9:30 to 10:30 it was cloudy. It was sunny when I was catching em. A little chilly but decided to take off the coat for a picture as I had to get a little muddy and my shirt washes easier than the coat!:p

    Papaw, funny name but a little kid fishing down the bank also called it a Pinocchio fish! Pretty cool. It is possible that all that winter weightlifting has caused me to think 25 lbs is closer to 12 lbs. I'll definitely take 20-25 pounds!:B

    True2Plue and dkilla, I'm not quite sure what this over the line business and April fools stuff you are talking about. But I will say : FISH ON and don't be afraid to wet an early season line at Antrim!!:B :)

    Finally, I sent a picture to ODNR and they said it was a long-nosed sturgeon. Pretty sweet!! I'm back off to Antrim - the sun is out and I seen some good trout pulled yesterday. I need to catch me some dinner!

    Allright - you guys got me - I couldn't resist a little April 1 fun. Happy April 2 and tight lines. On a more serious note, I did see a lot of trout being pulled out of Antrim over the last 2 days as well as a few small (<2 pound) largemouths.
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    HAHA! Had me for a second, I'll admit!
  14. That was a pretty good one! Since it came from Antrim, it must be one of those long nosed rainbows they have in there. They have some big grouper in there to and huge halibut in there to, you just have to really fish it hard to get them!