Antrim Lake????

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  1. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    Has anyone fished it lately? Just wondering, thinking about hitting hit. I never catch fish there but still will try. Whats your guys most productive lure out there for bass. Not worried about conditions i will make the adjustments for those, just the lure in general.
  2. fishinking

    fishinking G0 Bucks!

    Beetle Spin or Road Runner should work well , if you wanna try a little more of a finese approach you could texas rig a worm......In this heat the smaller the bait the better i would think, Good Luck!!

  3. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    cool. I always have a T-rig on. Its my go to. Thanks for the help.
  4. If you have oil colored rubber worms try that on the Texas rig. That use to be the hot set up.
  5. Good choice for T-rigs.

    If I ever fished Antrim again (for bass) I would use an oil colored worm with a 2-3" ribbon tail on it. Not a curlytail. I would use 4lb test with a circlehook and rig it weedless. Then I would put 3 med size splitshot about 2 ft up on the line. That way when it is sitting on the bottom the "ribbontail" can stand up and wave around. Then when you shake it and move it about 2 ft it will drag the bottom kicking up a bit of dust to atract the curious fish. Then KEEP IT STILL for about a minute or so. DON'T MOVE IT. put your reeling hand in your pocket to prevent you from reeling it for 1-1/2 minutes. Then shake it again.

    Got it man? If that doesn't work then try a different color. If that doesn't work then throw a Baby O out there and crank it in fast enough to get the wiggle going.

    Have fun big boy and don't break your neck looking at all those girls doing their excersises before they go jogging.;)
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  6. StuckAtHome

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    I wanna go! And I got my new mirrored glasses for the... fish, yea, fish. My wife calls them my perv glasses
    Is it that obvious?
  7. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    poppers and chuggers are working good towards dusk
    fill your spool to the max for those needed long distant casts.

    sometimes if i am using smaller baits i will throw on a rattling egg bobber like the (float and fly method). gives me more distance and the rattles attract the trout and bass.
  8. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    Thanks for the help. I have oil colored worms. I am going to try to get my dad out there this evening or tomorrow. Gonna be hard to do, he's not big on Antrim, seems when ever we go out there we get nothing. He would rather go wade lol. But the Olentangy is right behind it.

    And the ladies will be the ones breaking their necks, just to take a look at me fishing LOL. jp
  9. gonefishin'

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    Hands down trucked wins the prize for the best reply on this thread.
  10. The last time I went there I had a sprained neck for 2 weeks.

    I had to reel in and leave and go put ice on it. The neck too.:(

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  11. Now that's funny right there!!!!!!!:D
  12. I saw a 5 1/2lb'er L/M come out of Antrim a couple of yrs ago though. The guy caught it on a black/purple plastic worm.
  13. 01mercLS

    01mercLS It's Fishing not catching

    Last time I caught a couple bass just messing around with top water popper.
  14. Antrim...the way i understand like two big metal salad bowls that fit inside one another...there's a ledge out there, u gotta cast nice and far to get to it.
  15. watch out for stalkers with red backpacks, and if you see em throw him in the lake!!!!! them practice skipping your bait across the top at him!!haha
  16. streamstalker

    streamstalker deleted

    That makes me want to change my log-in name. It does sound kind of creepy...

    Anyway, that kind of stuff seems to go on every few years or so up there. I have biked and fished through that area for over 20 years and every time it happens I hope the description doesn't match me. :D Once again, I'm in the clear because no one would ever say I weighed 140 lbs. I often see women jogging in that area around dusk or dark, and I wonder what they are thinking--any nut could jump out of the bushes. This guy made his last assault in the park in broad daylight! Years ago a woman came up to me near the Park of Roses and was terrified because she had just come out of a wooded trail and some guy exposed himself.
    Here is the story:
  17. i was there a couple days ago saw 3 or 4 dead trout and caught one