Antrim- Friday 10/26

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    Fished antrim today from just before noon to 5 oclock and only caught one trout. DNR checked fishing liscense and they said they released 2,250 trout and they all pretty much looked like this one i caught here in the 10-13 inch range. brought him in on a rooster tail. there stalking antrim again day before thanksgiving.... [​IMG]
    then later...
    Fished a muirfield pond tonight from 9:45pm- 12:45am and we caught two channels, one was 8lbs. and the other was pushing 11lbs. the 11lber hummel brought in on an ultra light with 6lb. test, it was indeed a good fight. I lost a really big one early in the evening and was nearly heart broken until i caught that 8lber. it was wonderful weather and the chicken breast was once again effective.

  2. Wow. you only caught one trout at stocking? and you fished for 5 hours!
    I was there and people were catching a lot. I caught my limit.
    You will get used to it, if your still a rook.

    You just made a rookie mistake on bait used.

    chicken breast sounds interesting though.