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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by GOTEM', Nov 2, 2007.

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    I was thinking of going out to Antrim for the first time since May. I was woundering were most of the trout were being cought at. I know you can fish that lake for an hour and catch your limit or you can fish all day and catch nothin. Just wanted to know if anyone has been out there lately and were the fish are. Any info would be GREAT. Thanks all.
  2. seethe303

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    hit it twice last weekend. skunked both times. there were trout jumping all over though. I never saw anyone actually catch anything, however the first time while walking in I saw someone leaving with a limit of trout.

  3. NewbreedFishing

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    i sight fish for them....stand up on the secondary bank and look around.
    you will see them swirling in the clear water. use light line and make sure you have a full spool as long casts are a must. small cleo spoons/spinners and yo zuri minnows/husky jerks.

    If the wind is blowing hard i would concentrate efforts in an area that you can keep a tight line. always want to use the wind to your advantage on a lake that runs north to south.
  4. Also try shinners under a float, jig and magg work real well their.
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    I was just out earlier tonight for about 2 hours until dark. I tried Spinnerbaits, Bitsy minnow, buzz bait, and a rooster tail and nothing seemed to work. I didn't really concentrate on one area way too long. I will probably head back next Friday and take my time with some casting spoons and smaller rooster tails.
  6. I went out for a few hours on Thursday, tried the same as OSU_Fisherman with the same results.

    I caught my limit twice in the spring after they stocked it, but using minnows.
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    I'm not much of a live bait guy, but my buddy and I decided that we're not trying Antrim anymore without live bait. Probably just worms though. I know fish can be caught there on lures, because I've done it...... but my luck has run out I guess.