Antrim 4/21 and the river

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  1. Fished antrim this evening for about 1 1/2 hours. Texas rigged up a snack daddy snack stix and ended up getting 4 nice LM all about 13-15". Then walked along the bank of the Olentangy that runs through that area also and caught 3 smallies. All small about 12". Found some pretty nice holes that I'm going to throw some jigs into later this week. The river has a perfect flow IMO and has great clarity. Talked to a guy on my walk back in that was throwing a chartruese spinnerbait with colorado blades and he said he caught a 4lb LM out of antrim. His retrieve was very very quick and pretty close to the surface so they must have been feeding aggresively. I caught all mine slow crawling and bumping along the bottom.
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    I think a club Antrim trip is in line soon

  3. I'm definitely up for it. I'm out fishing at least 4 days a week so it won't bother me at all.
  4. Oh yeah, the scenery running around Antrim Lake is always pretty nice also :) It makes the fishing good even if the fish aren't biting.
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    that was me that crossed paths with you. was throwing 5/8 oz. tandem willow/colorado chart/blue glimmer. my bass hit all the way on the end of a mega long cast as i let it slowfall. thought the bass would be way more active with the nice cloud cover and half the lake had the normal ripplebreeze