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Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by reel, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. I hunt in a Zone A area and obtained my antlerless deer permit today.
    The permit does not have a space to indicate which county the kill was made.

    I assume I could use this antlerless permit first, on a doe or spike, then still have one Zone A doe or buck permit left.

    So how does the ODNR know where I got my antlerless deer ? ? Or does it not matter ? ?

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    I don't think it matters because they have issued extra doe permits for every zone.

    Just my thought.

  3. It does matter, because different zones have different limits. They will go by what county you check the deer in.
  4. You need to check it in in the county you shot it in or a county adjacent to that county and specify at that time what county it was killed in. Each zone has diff limits.
  5. They ask you what county you got it in when you go to check it in. Its on the paper work.
  6. A little off topic, but a reminder to anybody that purchased a deer tag over the internet:

    - you must fill out the information on the tag you printed from the internet purchase and keep in your possession - do NOT attach this to your deer

    - you are required to make your own tag with your name, address, date and time of kill (like a landowner tag procedure) and attach this to your deer.

    - take both with you to the checking station and obtain a permanent deer tag.
  7. If it is the one you paid $15. for that is only good through 11/25 during bow season. After that you can use it as the old urban tag with your bow. If you want to take both buck & doe during gun season you need two, either sex tags.