Anti-slip paint for floor

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Gju42486, Feb 16, 2009.

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    Just wondering if anyone has painted their floor with any anti-slip paint??

    Looking at investing a 2 gallons and doing mine before i drop it in the water---can anyone recommend some durable stuff??

    My grandfather (yes, he's polish, and GERMAN) told me to get a thick paint, put a coat down, sprinkle some sand on top of it while its wet, let it dry over night, wipe off the excess sand and paint it again.........although that sounds like a good idea---i think ill pass :)

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    I've heard people paint non-skid just like your grandfather says. Usually, the sand, or other nonskid like plastic bubbles (non-technical name :p), is poured into the two-part epoxy then rolled on. You can probably find a good non-skid paint at Boaters World. Also, do a search on the web for techniques. You want it to look good. You could try a search on I recall several years ago a discussion about that.
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    I just saw anti-skid paint in a Cabelas catalog. It's made for either docks or boat floors. Check it out.
  4. Don't have a picture to post, but my fishin'buddy bought an older 16' aluminum deep'V' boat. Agreat buy but we needed to work on it. To make a long story short we applied a bed liner paint to the whole inside of the boat. We bought a gallon of the stuff & applied it with a roller.
    1st, we stripped the whole inside clean, & then rolled on the bedliner coating.
    It really did the trick. It's the same stuff that you get applied like 'Line X' or something like it.
    Any decent auto parts store will have it. Its been 3 years now & GREAT.
  5. I'm a painting contractor and there is a product called shark grip we mix in our paint for anti skid on porch floors and such so people don't slip and fall. This works well but I would look at marine products due to adhesion and moisture resistence for a bloat. Just my opinion.
  6. Interlux makes a PU non-skid paint. It isn't cheap, but it's pretty good stuff.

    Options I am aware of, AwlGrip with Griptex
    That Interlux product, or I've seen people (who really wanted it done cheap) buy roll on bed liner for trucks. someone makes that stuff in white. I don't know who, and wouldn't recommend it.

    almost all of the time, I use AwlGrip with GripTex. You can either mix it in and roll it on, or spray the surface with the awlgrip and dust the wet paint with the griptex.
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    I have "tuff coat" in mine. It is bought at Bass Pro. It is great for anti slip and durability. The only downside is it really needs at least 2 coats and it's not cheap, although no paint of this type is gonna be cheap. Whatever you do, spend the money and do it right the first time and it will be the last time.