Anti Freeze In Tires?

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  1. I have a car that is 3 years old with alloy wheels and have bead leaks in all 4 tires. I've been fighting these leaks for months now, broke the beads and cleaned the rims and tire beads and the leaks come right back. One tire loses 4 psi a day and is showing wear on the outside edges from running low on pressure. It will be ruined in no time.
    Anyways, being desperate, I read on a forum that adding 50/50 mix anti freeze with a radiator sealant, the aluminum powder type will work. I figure that farmers have added anti freeze in their tractor tires for additional weight for years, so it probably won't hurt the rubber.
    I added about 3/4 cup of the mixture thru the valve and sloshed it around a bit to make sure the beads got soaked thoroughly and aired it up. It was still leaking a bit so I rolled the tire around a bit more and to my amazement no leaks, at all, hasn't lost a pound in 3 days.
    Has anyone tried this or heard of it? I'm wondering if I should remove the anti freeze that is still inside since it is already sealed or just leave it in the tire to maybe prevent a future leak? The tire rolls smoothly doing 65mph. What do you think? I think I'm gonna do all 4 tires before they are junk!
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    thanx , i may have to try that. i have to check and fill my mothers tires every week for that same reason. allthough the new tires on the back are holding air much better. how do you get the AF in the tire? do you remove the valve and pour it in?

  3. alloy wheels are notorious for warping from, potholes, hot cold changes too drasticly and varisous other things, id have the rim checked for trueness if its leaking like that cause a quick fix will only last for so long.
  4. Fryed, it wasn't easy to get it in but it can be done. I removed the core and used a small funnel that fit over the stem. It kept clogging and I worked a piece of safety wire to unclog the aluminum flakes. I used a half of tube of alumaseal ($1.99 at autozone) and it may have been too much. You have to keep mixing it because the flakes settle pretty quick.
    Bassattacker, I know what you mean, anytime I had alloy wheels, they were a pain in this way. I could see a warped rim if it was just one but not all four! These tires have about 75% left and they're gonna be ruined unless I do something.
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    What about filling each tire with a can of Fix-a-Flat?
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    I checked my chemical resistance chart and ethylene glycol has a no effect-excellent compatibility with natural rubber, SBR and BR so you are good to go.
    Aluminum and stainless steel also has a no effect-excellent compatibility rating.
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  7. Only problem I see would be the vibration you could pick up at highway speeds. Same problem with fix a flat. If you go to a tire shop they can put a bead sealing compound on your wheels and remount the tires, works like a charm.
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  8. Farm tires have salt water(sodium chloride) in them not anti-freeze. I would suggest putting the proper amount of Slime for auto tires in them.You can buy it at Tractor Supply or probably any auto parts retailer. Fix a flat is bad news and for temporary use only. You may have stumbled across something that works just fine,so you may need to do nothing else.
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    Back in the old days we sealed leaks in seals by using regular grease. Just break down the tire reach in with a brush and put it onthe tire bead. Never had one leak after that. Most the time its caused by rubber flaking of the tire bead or rust and dirt on the rim where it seals. Its nice if you can wirebrush the rim where it seals at..but will worrk either way.
  10. Lewzer, Thanks for taking the time to check the compatability for me, I feel better about it now. I was hoping that maybe someone has heard of this before. I'm just looking for an easy way to do this, my slide hammer bead breaker is tough on a guy in his sixties :)
    Fixaflat is out, it won't seal a bead leak per their website and it freezes at 32 degrees, not an option in Cleveland. Slime won't freeze but they too say that it won't work on bead leaks, just the middle of the tire. I've had tire places put the tire sealing compound on before but I'm trying to avoid that, the stuff is just about impossible to scrape off the rim when you go to replace your tires.
    Four days now and the tire hasn't lost a pound. I'll let you all know how this works out for me and thanks for your help!
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  11. yeah that happening on all four tires is wow crazy, i had a buddy that worked at a tire place and he told me that if you use fix a flat and you have to get a tire worked on they charge a cleaning fee, so i steer clear of that stuff.
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    actually, its calicum chloride farmers use to weigh their tires with.
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  13. Theres a good chance your wheels will be out of balance as long as you have liquid inside the tire , and be sure it has no water in the antifreeze or your wheel corrosion/bead sealing problems have only just begun.
  14. Well, it's over 2 years now since I put the anti freeze in my tires and am happy to report that it worked for me. I haven't had to air them at all, as a matter of fact, I left some out for better traction in the snow. Two rims on my Dakota were leaking so I did them also with good results.
    My only concern now is that they may be glued onto the rims forever or have to be cut off? That will be the dealers problem anyway since I'll be trading it in soon anyways.
  15. I cant imagine that it would throw the wheel out of balance. Truck tires are balanced by throwing a pack or two of some sort of powder in them. The powder goes to the place its needed as the wheels spin. Wouldnt the anti-freeze do the same? Thanks for the tip!
  16. I work part time at a full service station and we just break the tire down off the rim and clean both tire and rim real good and wipe down with some cleaner.
    After that we just apply bead seal and reseal the tire and have pretty good results with very little returns.
  17. Talked to a tire shop today. The guys first comment was not to do it especially in applications where there are air pressure sensors in the valve stems. The radiator sealant would ruin them and they cost between $50 - $150 apeice!
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    those stupid air pressure sensors.....will cause me more trouble than their worth, im sure of that.
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    I know this is old, but I was just wondering if anybody has any more success or failure stories. I'm thinking about trying it. I don't think any of the ingredients should hurt the tire or rim, as they are made from the same materials as the cooling system. Anyone?
  20. Have you changed the valve stems all 4 of my tires leaked I had the valve stems changed last spring it solved my problems ,Knock on Wood.they were all corroded in the rim they cleaned the holes and all is well