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  1. I'm thinking about booking an antelope hunting trip for the 08 or 09 season. Has anyone ever done this and have an outfitter they reccomend? I would like to hunt in Montana. I have been searching on line and found many but thought I'd ask for any reccomedations before I just pick one from on line. Also what caliber rifle would you reccomend? The laws in Montana say you need to hunt with a .243 or bigger but I have little experience with rifles and don't know what the best choice would be.
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    there are a tons of guides so whoever you look at do some background work.ask for a list of past customers so you can talk with them.check with the montana dow to see if the guide has ever had any complaints or fines against them.
    here's a site that lists alot of outfitter reviews from different states.

    i don't have any experience in montana but know a little about the area around craig colorado.i could put you in touch with some solks out there who would be able to point you in the right direction.
    if it were me i'd want to go after elk.better eating and ALOT more meat for the freezer!

  3. Thanks for the pointers. I definately plan on doing the research. I was just hoping to get a head start by finding someone that had allready used a guide and had a good experience.

    I would love to hunt elk. That is what I was researching when I decided to go for antelope. Basically elk hunts start in the area of $6000 plus licence, tags, tips, airfare, etc. Antelope hunts start in the area of $1400 plus all the same. I'm not a rich man and the wife would flip if I booked a $6000 hunt. I decided to go with the antelope and get a similar experience for a portion of the price and will book an elk hunt somewhere down the road.
  4. Any interest in Wyoming ?? Have hunted there for antelope & the population is amazing !! The area also has a 100% draw rate since it's mostly private land. I pay a rancher to hunt private land and guide myself. They typically allow you 3 days for $200 - $300 and , if you're a decent hunter, you should have no problem getting your goat. They are a blast to hunt and a great way to break in a kid. I've got a ton of info on the Buffalo WY area if interested. We figure $1000 per person total for the hunt, gas, processing, food, etc.. ; pretty cheap in my book. Lots of mulies & whitetails, too.
    PM me & let me know if interested ............ can't wait to get back out there myself!!!
  5. I would go T-180's route and head to Wyoming if your just interested un antelope. If you can't get private land to hunt (it isn't too hard), there's a lot of public ground as well. There are so many antelope around I wouldn't pay an outfitter, especially if gun hunting. It's a matter of picking the one you want and getting within a few hundred yards. Any flat shooting rifle will work well, the .243 being a very good one. Don't go too large, as they aren't a very big animal.
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    i tend to agree.a little research should open some doors.i also agree on the .243.great round for those critters,and wyoming is plum loaded with them.i rode the 2 wheeler cross country years ago,and saw hundreds just along the interstate.even had a huge herd cross the road and almost wipe me out,LOL.
  7. The .243 is tough to beat for antelope. Both my boys used one & it did a good job. Not too much recoil , so it's easy to shoot & makes a pretty darn good varmit round. I used a 30-06 with 125 grain handloads & haven't had one even take a step after the shot, but it's on the upper end of what's needed ...... it's just what I already had. The trajectory for those 125's was identical to the 95 grain loads for the .243 ; made it easy to remember hold over if needed.
    Shoot often & get good with it out to about 300 yards ........... if you can't get closer than that, you're not trying hard enough !!
  8. I'm not opposed to hunting Wyoming. I was just interested in Montana because I was hoping to find a good outfitter and build up to an elk hunt in the future. I found one outfitter where I can hunt elk and antelope for around $3500 plus licences but I'm still in the research phase of all this, I will probably be booking for the 09 season. I went through Wyoming a few years ago on vacation and also saw hundreds just from the interstate. Those things were everywhere. Thanks for all the info so far and Tim if I decide to go the do it yourself way I'll shoot you a pm. It sounds like if I just go for the antelope, that would be the best way for it. I noticed all these outfitters have nearly 100% success rates on antelope so it can't be to difficult to do it yourself.
  9. T-180 is right on the money. Wyoming's herds are some of the biggest. I was a licensed hunting guide there for two years in north central WY. .243 is great, .270, 7 mm, or 30 06. Goats--That's what they call em out there, are not very big. Shots can be long but if you put in some time/patience you can get them much shorter. Drawings are pretty easy to come by and tons of public land. Not necessary to go through an outfitter/guide. You will need a truck or other off-road vehicle. Your scouting will be done from two-track roads. One of the best/easiest places to gain access to even private land was just northeast of cody. PM me and I can refer you to some outfitters, more specific areas etc.
  10. Just let me know & I'll forward what I have. The ranchers also have quite a few elk, but I can't afford the license & "trespass fee" for them ........ at least not until I get the oldest out of Otterbein College. Now, if the youngest gets a big schollarship, it's on !!! Combo elk,mulie, & antelope here we come. If you want / need any help with the rifle, let me know also ; my brother in law is an extremely good hand loader & I have a little experience (AGE !) with them myself. Enjoy the experience,
  11. I didnt read all the other posts, but I agree with what some others have said, a guide is not necessary, you can fair well yourself on private land. It is probably to late to get a tag this year, but next year you would have a good chance and an 100% chance the year after that. I have been to Wyoming and its not a matter of getting a Lope, its just how picky you are. Our trips out there have cost under a thousand a person, and last I saw guided trips were up towards 2,500 a person.
  12. My brother lives in montana.He hunts elk,deer,birds,antelope.He also knows all of the good trout waters outside yellowstone..If need some info I wiil call him.Just PM me......