Another Winter Storm ??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Big Joshy, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. time for the news to scare people again. we all have to go buy 16 loaves of bread and the 44 gallon drum of milk. the white death is coming!!!!! miller high life, a big pot of chili and my xbox 360 and ogf. i will be just fine.

  2. Just watched the ch. 4 news and the weather guy didn't say much about this storm. 2 cases of beer, and that's all I'll need. Still have a freezer full of deer and walleye; 30 gal of fuel for the generator and 4 cords of wood if it's needed. Xbox and COD5 to play between plowing snow. BRING IT!
  3. well if the elctricity goes out youll be set with plenty of ice cold beer!

    Columbus news Jim Gahnal (?sp) is calling for snow around 10 inches already
  4. Accoriding to the weather down here in Cincy all we are supposed to get is a dusting. They said its supposed to be almost 50 on Sunday.
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    Accuweather's 5 day forcast isn't even showing the storm happening? I'd think they would want to put a snow storm that would produce potentially 12-18" of snow in the forcast. Especially when one of their own is forcasting it!
  6. your right! wow. who knows what to expect. All I know is I work outside and this snow and cold is hitting my wallet hard! Anyone in central ohio have a job for me!
  7. Perchy101

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    i'll give you 20 bucks for a fun filled day on IL with a limit. ;)
  8. deal! You would have to provide your own transportation. Ill call you once I confirm the saugeyes location a few more times. ;) Or just paypal me 10 bucks and Ill send you gps coordinates. Like all the good mushroom hunters do.

    I can see it now... what ?... oh you didnt catch any.... well they were there yesterday I swear. No refunds.
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    Saugeye guide/equipment dragger, on Monday
  10. You could sell me your vex.
  11. im sure no one has any clue what your talking about when you say "squirrel rescue hole repair"

    I think that is that hot new band. They rock!
  12. Doesn't Lundy know its ice season?
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    This just came across the news weather desk. There is a 100% chance of weather. Although it's unclear what the weather has in store, our very own cheif meteorologist has determined we are in the path to have a 20% chance of precipitation, 20% chance of sun, 20% chance of cloudiness, 20% chance of wind, and a 20% chance of a combination of all of the above. Temperatures will be variable, but somewhere from extremely cold to extremely hot, or, more likely somewhere in between. Stay tuned.
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    You're thinking Spring. On another note about these snow storms, being in Kalamazoo, Lansing and numerous other areas in Michigan, these folks don't seem to get too uptight about a foot of snow. Schools were open and folks went to work as usual.

    Sure I'll sell mushroom GPS coordinates, after I've been there and verified that there are mushrooms, might not be any left but they were there yesterday;)
  15. That sounds dead on the weather all of today's technology and they still cant get a good accurate reading. hahaha
  16. I Fish you have to admit he gave you a 100% weather forcast...I have to say... they have all this modern technology ..can't give us a direct answer as to the weather...The old timers like my grandpa could walk outside smell the air and tell what it was going to do tomorrow..And the day after...He never even owned a watch......Jim.....