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    Well, I've had 2 inland lake boats and now I have my Erie boat. Problem is, I still missed fishing the little lakes from a boat. Turns out a close friend of mine who passed away last December left me his little 14' 1970 Feathercraft. Has a trailer, 7.5 hp gamefisher, trolling motor, etc. Started the teardown tonight as its been sittin' outside for 2 years. Pulled the seats, wiring, wood from the transom and started on the trailer. Gonna need new lights on the trailer, new strap on the winch, new bunks and rollers and some fresh paint. I'll get some new wood on the transom of the boat, new wood on the benches along with new pedestals. Gonna pick up an eagle transducer so I can use my Erie finder, Still debating on wiring for lights or just the clamp-on running lights. We're going to put a plywood floor and some indoor/outdoor carpet for sound deadening. One thing is certain, the boats gonna get camo. I'll get some pics up soon to show progress.

    Wished it didn't take a total redo, but better safe than sorry!
  2. We're going to make you a sign to hang:

    "Wannbitawerm's Wannabuildaboat Shop"

    Good luck with her...

  3. I have a 14ft Starcraft that needs to have the seats replaced and a floor installed. Would you like to practice on it?:rolleyes: I do have the exterior done so you would have to find someone else that has one for you to practice on.:) Let me know and I'll tow it over at your convenience.
  4. Well if nothing else it will keep you out trouble with the Mrs. as you spend hours and hours working on it.
    Enjoy your project!
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    This will be, for the most part, my fourth boat build. I don't need the practice, but would be more than happy to give you a hand with yours. But, after it is completed, there is the months and months of necessary field testing, so I hope you weren't looking at a specific time table!!

    You have an uncanny knack for stating the fantastically sarcastic obvious!! (The only wat this will keep me out of trouble is if I sell it and take her out somewhere away from the kids!!)