another reminder be careful on the water!

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  1. read this in the news herald this yesterday couldnt find the story online so i'll just copy what it said

    "Fisherman pulled from Chagrin River

    A man fishing at Daniels park in Willoughby was transported to LakeWest Hospitial after nearly drowning in the Chagrin River Thursday night, Willoughby Fire Capt. Scott Mlaker said. A group of men went fishing at the park, and one tried to walk across the area that used to be a dam, mlaker said. The man fell into the water and came up Disoriented. He tried swimming back to the area where he fell, only to go back under the water for an extended amount of time until one of his friends jumped in after him Mlaker said. Yhe willoughby fire department responded to the scene at 6:12 pm and transported the man to LakeWest Hospital because of Hypothermia. If the man had not jumped in after him the outcome could have been tragic Mlaker said"

    Everyone be extremely careful this time of year the water is so cold it would be easy for this to happen to any of us..and its always good to fish with a partner!!! his probably saved his life!!
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