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Another question on new computer purchase

Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by Orlando, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    I think I have it narrowed down to the following. Dell 4700 series , Pentium 4 processer, HT technology 2.80GHZ. 800FSB, 512MB Dual Channel, DDR SDRAM 512M4 at 400MHz, 80GB Hard Drive. I'm not sure about the moniter, whats the difference between a Analog flat panel and a Digital Flat panel?(not much difference in price between them) Also which of the following should I get? My daughter wants to be able to burn a few music CD's
    Singel Drive 48x CD-RW/ DVD-ROM or
    Single 16x CD/DVD BURNER (DVD+/RW ) double layer write capapability or
    Single Drive 16x DVDD-ROM or
    Single Drive 48 x CD-RW Drive
    Thanks !
  2. I would get the Digital output for the monitor and the double layer dvd burner. Good Luck

  3. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    jared is right on the money!
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