another question about the diawa megaforce 100tch baitcaster

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  1. I bought one today and its a nice reel. The only question I have for anyone that has one, when you spin the handle does it spin pretty freely. When I spin mine handle I get about 2 rotations. It almost sounds like where the ends of the spool sit in the frame are rubbing a little and slowing it down. I took of the the side of the reel and removed the spool and put hot sauce on the metal moving parts and it still is the same. Anyone have the same thing going on? I fig. it might wear down just enough after some use and spin like all my other reels. Even my bass pro one I got for $29.00 spins freely. I havent casted the diawa yet, as long as it cast nice thats all I really care about.
  2. I did the spin test on it @ Dick's when I was checking it out. I also got it to spin 2-3 rotations. That is probably all you will get out of it. That's just the difference between a $60 baitcaster and something in $150 and up range. I bought a Revo SX last year (love it) and it seems to rotate endlessly. I own some cheaper reels in the same price range as the megaforce (that also have limited rotation) and the difference is casting distance compared to the Revo. But if your using it for pitching and flipping and don't need to cast 100ft. I am sure it will perform alright for you.

  3. i got one for christmas and ended up taking it back cause i couldnt get it to cast or reel to smooth, kinda feels like it takes a lot more energy than it should
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    My Megaforce spinners great smooth reel and the my casting distance is fine i cast just as far and my zillion or accurist with a diawa peanut or a 1/2 jig.