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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CoolWater, Aug 30, 2008.

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    Took the plunge last Saturday. I now have officially entered the world of fishing only after the 'honey do' lists are completed. Strangely enough, I couldn't be any happier about it! Any of you married folks want to throw advice out there for keeping a marriage successful - I'm open to the words of wisdom. To date, I've learned that all fights and arguments were my fault and in any situation where we disagree, she is right. ;)

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    The best advise I ever heard came from a very good friend of mines senile grandfather at their wedding reception. They were having older couples stand up and offer advise to the newly wed couple. Although he was mentally debilitated he still had enough common sense to say "do what ever she tells you to."

  3. After 27 wonderful years with the same woman, we are still hot for each other. Stay hot for each other and all will be ok.
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    Always keep your wife as your very best friend. Try to spend the same time with her, doing things you both enjoy, that you would spend with the 'boys'. I know too many guys that never get out of that 'hanging out with the guys' thing and then can't figure why their relationship fades. There is nothing wrong with spending time with your friends, and you both need your own time, but you can't do it daily and expect things to work. I enjoy time with my wife, hunting, fishing, traveling, whatever, more than time with anyone else. I spend plenty of time doing the same activities with friends, but the times with her are the best. You need to make sure she knows that too.
    Congratulations, you have a beautiful bride, and best of luck.
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    after 27 yrs of general craziness with the same woman these words come to mind, " Yes dear, you'er right, I'm sorry." Works for me.
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    congratulations and welcome aboard. :)

    i have only 7 years of experience but mine is a good solid marriage so far, so heres my advice.

    its a team effort and think positively going forward

    let her win a few, and dont always try to get the last word in.

    once an argument is over, after a while, make up without conceding if you think youre right. regardless of right or wrong, you have to take the team approach and move forward. dont let hard feelings simmer.

    make sure to spend some time with her and let her do what she wants even if youre totally uninterested.

    marriage is like a plant, if you neglect it, it will die.

    thats all i can think of right now, just remember youre a team and always think positively and look ahead, the future is bright.

    good luck!
  7. In cases like this, you must forget the slogan " Just say No " Congratulations Nice Catch.
  8. After 4 years I am far from the authority but I learned a long time ago, from my mom, that most of the problems both of you will face have nothing to do with the other person. Most fights are born out of hunger, fatigue or want, If you learn to recognize when you are both hungry or tired, and learn to be happy with what you have instead of what you don't the rest of it is easy. Congratulations.
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    The age old question. ;)
    We've been married 34 yrs now. They've been good years.

    I'd sum it up with - Be her hero!!

    Let her live life with the security of knowing that you are looking out for her, that you are her knight in shining armor.
    She will love you, respect you, look up to you, want to be yours.
    If you are a giving person to her, you likely won't be able to outgive her.
    I could never outgive my wife in the daily things of life.

    If you each make your attitude of wanting to please the other, both your needs will be met, and in an unselfish way. (instead of you each looking for what you are getting out of your marriage)

    Always have the frame of mind of thinking about what is best for her.

    You are who she looks to for many things, especially comfort and reassurance.
    Your words can tear her down or build her up, be careful and thoughtful before speaking, especially in anger.

    If she is the type who distances herself from you when she gets upset with you, fight off the desire to distance yourself from her. Someone needs to be able to guide the two of you back into your loving relationship.

    That doesn't mean, "Yes dear, your right, I'm wrong, I'm sorry" all the time.
    When it is appropriate only.
    Letting her off when she's in the wrong isn't what is best for her in the long-term, you each want to help one another grow in your maturity and wisdom.

    Be a man of integrity, making smart choices, honest always, and dependable.

    Hey, as men we all screw up sometimes. Learn how to make good choices to reduce it as much as possible.

    Also trust her "women's intuition" when it sends up a red flare at times.
    Consult and include her in all of your family's decisions; my wife provides considerations I would never think of.

    Your willingness and openness for input is a great indicator that you are starting off on a good track.

    All the best to you.:)

    - Rumi
  10. Best advise.. She's always right, get things done before she has to ask, LEAVE THE TOILET SEAT DOWN, and complement her in any outfit she wears.

    Great catch!
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    Congrats Adam.:) She looks like a keeper. As the others have said, keep her happy, but at the same time, make sure you're happy too.;) Good luck buddy.:D
  12. keep this though!! PUT brain in gear BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!! best to you and yours.
  13. NEVER give up! I know way to many that took the easy way out, You have to give a little to get a little.
  14. Best advice to keep the marriage happy??? Sell all your fishing stuff!!! or in 3-4 years the other option will pan out, either way, she will be happy and apparently that is all that matters in a joint team marriage...;)
    Once you realize that, the rest is easy... I guess there is a 3 rd way, Women are like the BORG, they get ahold of you and assimulate you.....once you become the mindless robot they want you to be, all is well

  15. trades.....she goes fishing----you take her to see a chick flick -- you watch football with the guys - - - she goes shopping with the girls--at the end of the day you both kick off the shoes and tell each other about the day!

    and really, really...don't take anything for granted - TALK to each other!

    and teach her how to use a baitcaster if she does not already know!!!!!

    congrats to both of you!!!
  16. Get her hooked on fishing the same way we all got hooked. Find what sparks her interest. My parents made a arrangement before they were married 31 years ago. My mom loves catching the fish but hates the smell of fish on her or baiting her hooks. So my dad always baits her hooks and takes her fish off.

    Find something that makes your new wife enjoy the experience and not think about the negatives.

    But I have a wife who wants to fish as much as I do. So I suggest spark her interest.

    Congrats for the new marriage
  17. I have been married for 17 years and am the father of four daughters.

    For God's sake do stuff around the house and take an active part in raising your children. That means changing diapers, late night feedings. I couldn't stand being inside with toddlers, so we went to parks and whatever without my wife.

    A man that can't cook, clean, and do laundry is a wuss. It's not hard. Even if wives aren't literally keeping track of their free time, they are!

    You can fish a lot when you are married just do it at opportune times.
    Be on the lake at sunrise and be home a few hours later or fish at night.

    I might catch a lot of grief for this, but set limits on extended family get togethers.

    I hope you have the same great experience I have at being married!
  18. Rumi, great advice. I've been married for 13 years. I'm only 5'6" but my wife knows I will do what ever it takes and that I always have her back.
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    I've been married for 15 years and happily married for 3...Ever since I bought the boat!!

    If she knows how much fishing means to you, then not much should change., just a little give and take.

    Congrats cool water. Very cool.

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    Thanks for all of the great advice... some very good concepts and thoughts...