Another Michigan joke.

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    Couldn't resist posting these. They were sent to me by a friend that lives in MICHIGAN !! He's from Ohio though. :p




    A lady in Ann Arbor calls 911. Hysterically, she says, 'Someone's just broken into my house, and I think he's going to rob me!'

    The police officer says, 'Ma'm, we're really busy at the moment. Just get the guy's jersey number and we'll get back to you.'

    Q: What is Rich Rodriguez's biggest concern?

    A: Does the NCAA count bail money as a recruiting violation?

    Q: What do you call a drug ring in Ann Arbor ?

    A: A huddle

    Q: Four Michigan players are in a car, who's driving?

    A: The police

    Q: Why can't most of the U of M players get into a huddle on the field?

    A: It is a parole violation to associate with known felons.

    The University of Michigan team has adopted a new Honor System:

    'Yes, your Honor; No, your Honor'.

    The Wolverines are hoping for an undefeated season this year....

    11 Arrests, 0 convictions.

    Q: How did the Wolverines spend the first week of Spring Training?

    A: Studying their Miranda rights
  2. Ah...Meatchicken jokes never get old.

  3. How does a Michigan grad address an Ohio State grad?

    Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order?
  4. That is the best you could come up with?! :p
  5. Those who live in glass houses ect...... ect.......

    While OSU is on the happy side of the rivalry at the moment there is no need to bring yourselves to the hysterical nonsense that UM grads are serving OSU grads and UM players are future inmates, while OSU has never had any "questionable" players.

    I chose Clarrett because he illustrated the point short and sweet, but I guess you needed me to spell it out for you.

    Go Blue!
  6. Here in Ohio, you are the one who is living in a glass house.
  7. Hey Hoosier-Blue Blows!!:p Hahahahahahahahahahaha Don't make me post the sheep joke.;)
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    Hoosier Daddy you have to chill out. It was a joke man, that's all. Besides what would anyone with a name the had hoosier in it know about football anyway.
    I'm quite sure if you move north of where you are by a few miles no one would be sad. Michigan needs all the fans they can get this year with the losing record they have. We'll see November 22nd. just how good they really are.
    Know before you get all testy take your chill pills and go watch them lose again this week:p
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    the kick is up....................and it's good!!!

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    Why do Michigan Grads hang their diploma from the rear view mirror?

    So they can park in handicap spots.
  11. I'm just curious, since you all tend to say Ann Arbor's a whore, was it Ann Arbor that Antonio Henton got busted for solicitation with?
  12. Buckeye fans and classy are oxymorons
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    :D If you noticed in my original post- the joke was from a Michigan fan that sent it to me. With that I rest my case :rolleyes:
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    With Michigan fans there is no OXY
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    And to think --- we still have over a month until we play!:eek:
  16. Dang, I was just getting ready to type that! :(
  17. I knew when I typed oxymoron that I'd get a "moron" comment. Kind of reminds me of this summer when my sister was out at a local watering hole and a guy there saw her Block M tattoo on her foot and said....

    "Hey, what's that M stand for? Retards?"

    Couldn't the guy at least have come up with morons, malcontents, or at the very least mentally challenged?

    I'm sure there's a fair share of ignorant Michigan fans, but even you Buckeye homers have to admit some of the people in this state that sport Buckeye gear make you look bad.
  18. LOL very true... and vice versa, I'm afraid.