Another good day for Channel Cats

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  1. Salmonid and i fished a stretch of the GMR this morning for about 4 hrs where i used to target cats in during the summer months, but never have during the winter. there were 3 areas i had in mind that were the deepest spots in the stretch, deepest being 15ft. we started off at the furthest hole upstream where we got almost all our fish. upon arriving we quickly started getting hits and catching fish. we missed and lost about a dozen more due to being too quick on the draw, the fish were in 37 degree water and werent taking the baits very hard. the sonar showed fish stacked up there thick in 13ft of water, and while we sat there fish were constantly moving through. fish were biting all through the area with the most hits comming from the 6-8ft flats adjacent to the deep hole. Mark caught 6 and i only got 1 in about an hour before we got the bright idea of moving and trying other spots. BAD IDEA!:( he got 1 more and missed a few others but i had to be out of there by noon so we couldnt go back upstream to our new honey hole. was using small chunks on shad on 3-way swivel/circle hook rigs. here are a few pics... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    CONGRATS .................that is AWESOME ........ive never been able to figure out the winter channel cats around here .....could be because i dont have a boat to get to some of the deeper holes in the river !! NICE FISH !!!

  3. Congrats on all the fish guys!!! Glad to see some people out and catching cats!
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    Congrats guys! Nice fishies...did you get wet that day?
  5. Ryan, it drizzled all morning but wasnt too bad really. We got out before the heavy stuff came down.
    Looking to hopefully get the boat out to the Ohio this Sunday, watching the weather real close