Another GMR SMALLIE!!!!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dodgeboy75, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Thanks for the inspiration Dinkbuster. Stopped after work at an old spot to find that all the big rocks and rebar were gone and the river was back to normal. Caught one 15" and this one, not quite 18".
  2. Nice fish! I bet he was fun to catch.

  3. wow! nice smallie! :B it seems the smallies are on fire right now in the GMR. think i will bypass my usual catfish plans and get into some more smallies this weekend. what did you get yours on?
  4. The only lure I've been throwing, other than jigs, for the past week has been a Rapala SSR7 in firetiger and minnow colors. This lure has become my fav because you can hit a stump or rock and pause your retreive and it will float up over then start reeling again. Alot of hits have come from letting it rise up over branches and rocks.
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    NICE SMALLIE...............cant beat them Shad Raps........IMO
  6. Well done kid!
    I hope to get ya a good smallmouth report next week.

    Your getting better at the pic taking to!

  7. nice catch...going to have to hit the river this weekend!