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    Allright got to the river as the sun came up. Fishing were sporadecly hitting the surface but not like the other day. I started fishing in a tail out with a steep drop off. No luck so I began to move up to a differant location on my way I about stepped on a snake and in trying to avoild squashing him lost my balance and ended up in the river. Fourtunatly it was a very shallow spot so did not get to wet. Continued to move into my new spot and fished hard but to no avail. I had allready lost my confidence after my mis-hap.
    I worked my way back and began slowly walking a long grass bank looking fish holding in the slack water just at the edge of the grass I found a bunch carp and drum in a little pocket I began working the last fish in the line with a mud bug. Nothing so I switched from fly to fly and finally moved up. at this point the hatch had started again but only the very small size 18, by the way it was at this point that the glare started and I realized I had left my sunglasses at the shop. So now I can barely make out the dark shapes moving through the hole. There were a few yellow sallies coming off so I tied on a size 16 stone fly nymph on the second drift I stuck a drum about 3 pounds maybe around 20 inchs. As I landed the fish he bucked and snapped my tippet and somehow manages to throw the fly out into the river never to be seen again. And of course its the only one I had. In my haste to get out this morning I left my nymph and dry boxes at the shop and had no other small nymphs with me. I also left the dries I tied to match the ones comeing off the other day so I did not get to try them. Man being out of the game sure does take its tole on your brain. THe good new is the wrist felt great (torn tendon and surgery in December) and my casting is smoothing out again. It was a great morning on the water. The water was warm and much clearer than monday. Hey at least I got the skunk off my back and maybe next time I will prepare the night before so I don't forget anything.......S
    ps the first fish I started to work in the pocket turn out to a be clump of weeds. I went back and made a few casts at him and he had not moved so I slapped the water above him and nothing happend. Polorized glasses do make a difference. And yes I did feel like quite the dumb ass for working a clump of weeds with about 5 different flies. S
  2. I appreciate your candor....I am sure most of us have had those days when we arrived at our destination only to discover that we "forgot" some of our equipment. I traveled 3 hours one time only to find out that all of my gear was in my other vehicle!

    As far as sunglasses go, I ended up at the river last week without my sunglasses and it can be brutal trying to fish with the glare of the bright sunlight on the water. I tend to do a lot of sight fishing, so it is really tough without the polarized sunglasses!

    Congratulations on the drum...they are great fighters.

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    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Thanks Z, I was doning a float a couple of years ago on the lmr. We got the boat to the water and set up and went back for my rods woops left them in the garage. Good thing my buddy had a spare or that could have been a tough day hand lining with a spool of tippet;) s
  4. i believe it all---some of the funniest situations are so far out that you couldnt make them up---i had 5 perfect march brown flies and one not so perfect march brown on the south branch of the au sable and was getting a bunch of fish on them---i was on the fifth good fly when i put it in the alders above a fishy looking spot so i broke it off and put on the not so great march brown with the idea that i would get the fly after i fished the run---i floated on one side and the other ---on its face and tail but never right

    i decide to break it off and get the fly in the alders--i was going to put it on my patch but just threw it over my shoulder and a trout took it after a 6 ft float!

    the fly in the alders was gone and i fished an adams for the next couple hrs with some success
  5. On a camping trip to Elkmont in the GSMNP last weekend, we stopped fishing at 7pm after releasing many nice trout. Started to grill some steaks when my buddies decided they wanted surf n' turf and I was the only one still in waders. Since camp was right on the river, I hopped right in there, but I guess I did not stop to consider that I was on my third gin n' tonic on an empty stomach. It did not take long for the Little River to take my boots out from under me and bounce me around off the boulders like a pinball. Went in up to my neck, and got some nice bruises and a broken rod guide to show for it. Hurt my pride more than my body really. There was guy with us from the US FlyFishing Team and he just laughed his butt off. As funny as that was, it does not top another guy in the group who had to take Sitz baths in the tent because of hemmorhoids. What a group....