another big fire

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by jeffmo, Sep 22, 2008.

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    I was thinking about you when I just read the story. A comment on the Chillicothe Gazette mentione the mayor thing.

  3. Isn't this about the 4th large fire in CYO in the past 2-3 years. BTW seeing a politician led away in handcuffs is great. To bad they didn't give him a little bit of New Rome Justice.
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    They had the story on the news this morning in Cleveland.
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    we had our suspicions about this fire and since there have been several other big fires recently,the atf was called in to investigate this fire.
    this fire scene has been kept secure 24/7 with firefighters and police while the atf did their investigation.
    earlier in the week a several people were charged with burglary on the building that burned.well,after 1 of them started talking the rest did too!
    they began ratting each other out and the end result has been 7 people charged so far.they even admitted to setting this fire AND a couple of others that we've had recently including the mill fire we had about a month ago.
    they "supposedly" had a hit list of other buildings that they were going to torch including the local jr. high and high schools.
    i just hope that all of them are tried as adults.
  6. I agree...Obviously, our "slap on the hands" judicial mentality is NOT working. We need to get tough on criminal offenders. Back when I would complain to Dad that my punishment was unfairly too strict, he would chuckle & say, "Then you won't do it again, will you?" He was right.