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  1. A buddy of mine got this pic off his cam about 2 days ago and it started a bit of discussion at work today as the the age and rack size of this deer. It is obviously a good size deer that has eaten very well over the summer but the rack size seems a bit on the small side to me. I say give this deer a couple more years so what are your opinions on the age and rack of this deer?



  2. nice even rack...guessing at 2 1/2 yrs

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    Give him at least 2 more years and he'll be a monster
  4. Looks like a typical 2.5 year old to me.
  5. I would say certainly no more than 2.5 years but it wouldn't surprise me if he were only 1.5. He still looks pretty light through the shoulders, hips and neck.
  6. Just by looking at the pic we all know that its older than 1.5 but it could be 3.5 Its a little hard to be sure on a pic. gen and nutrition play a huge role.

    SHOT IT! and take a pic of its bottom jaw and I will give you a definite.
  7. I am trying to get my buddy to let him grow a bit!!!

    I figured it was a 2.5 year old while he thinks it is easily a 3.5 year old at least. These corn and bean fed deer can sometimes get a bit confusing to me on how old they are based solely on their body size with how well they eat.

  8. very healthy 1.5 or average 2.5. Give him the pass, if you can. :)
  9. He looks like he is probably 2.5 years old. You just cant be sure without seeing his bottom jaw. I would say that if the area that this photo was taken is not hunted very hard then leave him. Keep in mind that as the rut starts, this deers range will widen. He may fallow does for miles. Also remember that not many weekend warriors will pass on this deer during gun season.
  10. This deer is out in Fulton County on Private land. My archery hunting buddies and I talk about the gun season and how all the deer get pushed with the deer drives all the time. I really don't even hunt much after the gun season because the hunting is so messed up. You seriously ask yourself the question while in a tree stand if you should let a deer like this go because you fully expect it to not make it past gun season since most "weekend warriors" are just looking for meat and will not let the smaller bucks grow if one runs by them. Hence the small numbers of true trophys! For this part of the state the Wisconsin idea of "earn a buck" would be great. People would still get their meat and the trophy population would increase dramatically.