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Welcome to OhioGamefishing.com!

The last year has been a crazy year for Ohio anglers both on the water
and off. Fishing regulations and bag limits have changed, horsepower
limits questioned, and our usual hotspots have all but “dried up”. Now is
the time for new beginnings, the rekindling of old friendships, and

Without further adieu, we introduce OhioGamefishing.com! We’ve got a
lot going on, and even more planned, and we’re excited about it!

First off, let’s look at our purpose. OhioGamefishing.com is operated
by anglers, for anglers. We welcome all disciplines of the sport,
whether you fish by boat, bank, or waders. Our forums offer anglers a place
to swap information, reports, or just an atmosphere to tell stories of
the “one that got away”. We also provide message boards dedicated to
specific species of Ohio fish, equipment, and classifieds.
OhioGamefishing.com is bringing some new ideas to Ohio’s angling cyberspace, including
forums aimed at product reviews, and Ohio service directories. All of
which are designed from feedback from YOU, the angler.

For those of you who like to talk in real time, we’ve setup an
elaborate chat system, available to all members of OhioGamefishing.com. A great
way to say a quick hello to a friend, or discuss the day’s doings.

What would a fishing website be without outings? OhioGamefishing.com
will be hosting outings in the near future around the state, to show our
thanks and appreciation for your support. These outings will be geared
toward the entire family, with special events and prizes for all ages.
Aside from the food, fishing, and drawings, there’s no better way to
put a name to the face of the folks you interact with daily on the
forums. A great way to enjoy the sport!

Tournament time is just around the corner, and OhioGamefishing.com will
be offering forums, events, and even sponsorships to our tournament

There’s never a dull moment at OhioGamefishing.com. Our boards are
maintained daily, with live news feeds and personal updates from the
OhioGamefishing.com staff.

We could go on and on with all of the features of the site, but
frankly, it’s more fun if you explore them and find out what’s available for
your self. We’ve even got some online games for your leisure, for those
cold wet days when the fishing is slow.

Here’s the best part…these features are available FREE to all members
when you sign up for your FREE membership! Site maintenance, upgrades,
and costs are on the house…fishing reports, laughs, and good times are
on us all!

Thanks for your interest in OhioGamefishing.com! We encourage feedback,
so please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your
membership here more enjoyable!

Yours Trolling,

The OhioGamefishing.com Staff
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