And With The 1st Pick Of The 2017 NFL Draft.......

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  1. ......the Cleveland Browns select....???

    Who is your hope for our pick?
  2. Miles Garrett sounds good to me. Edge Rusher 2nd most important position and the QB's look to be a stretch at the 1st spot. I like Foster at LB with the 2nd pick if available. Malik Hooker would be a nice fit at safety if he comes out.
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  3. fishingful

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    They will be smart and trade it away for someone that won't help.
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  4. Myles Garrett and a half dozen O-linemen would be a good start. You can't even think about a QB with a line like that.
  5. I agree All Eyes. We desperately need an all star center and.right tackle. After that we need to focus on the defensive line and a cornerback. Leave the QB pick alone until we meet those needs. There really is no standout qb in this draft and as you said we need to fix the o line first and foremost.

    I really have not watched enough college games to name standouts and all stars.
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    I think it's funny that the Browns haven't had a winning season in years, and they make a statement that Jackson's job is safe. The only game they managed to luck into was against the chargers and they fired their head coach. Haha
  7. Id say ... qb... de/olb... oline.. and cb are most important needs....
    hopefully we can get those with 1/12/33 and 55th picks... then
    dline.. more oline.. rb ..wr... we have 11 ( or more?) total picks....
    no questionable character guys browns!
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    That's my guess too... they will outsmart themselves once again.
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    I hate to say it, there's no group of humans the Browns could draft that will turn that thing around anytime soon. Cyborgs, large draft animals, maybe a couple of elephants on the O or D line might help. I feel sorry for whomever the Browns draft this year. Remember the commercial, "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste"? Well, stick football career in there and that's what you got. I'll pray for you guys...
  10. They had that last year with Mack, Schwartz, and player available every time they pick...holes all over the roster.
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    I tend to agree with both these assessments. One thing about Garrett is that if the D line can get pressure on the QB, the D secondary automatically becomes more effective. I think Shelton made strides, and Ogbah seemed to come on later in the season. Still not sure about Nassib, though he got hurt.

    Also, there's more than one way to skin a cat. The Browns need 2 solid starters on the O line. The way the NFL is set up, you can fix that in one off season! The Cowboys did it! That can be fixed through free agency and trades, provided the front office can persuade Haslam to loosen up the purse strings! The last number I heard was that the Browns are 110 Million dollars under the salary cap!

    Is Haslam really serious about building a winning team, or is he simply milking the Browns as a cash cow?

    Of course Jackson's job is safe. He's only been there one year! Otherwise it's right back on the "new HC, new coaching staff" treadmill! Ownership and the front office were well aware that they had stripped this team to the bare bones, and were looking at a 2 or 3 win season at best. Well, things didn't turn out for the best!

    I'm not saying there aren't problems. Some of the play calling at the end of the Steelers game boggled my mind! 1st and goal at the 2 and you don't run it a single time? With a back that had gained 150 yards in the game?!
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  12. Yeah, it was hard to watch that knowing every Browns fan in the world is thinking the exact same thing. That 1st down play was a thing of real beauty wasn't it? One yard forward, 20 yards back. Maybe it was Hue Jacksons brilliant plan to secure the number 1 pick. If so it worked like a charm. :D
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  13. I am really hoping for Myles Garrett at #1 and also hoping that Cam Robinson (Bama OT) falls to #12 but I think he will be off the board by then. Shouldn't need to draft him because Schwartz should've been locked up for years to come if they were smart. If not him then best player, which I think Wisconsin has a high graded tackle. That worked out well for us last time. Best player available has to be the pick from there on out. There is not one position that they don't need help at. Seriously, not a single position outside of maybe a longsnapper and kicking game wasn't terrible (but basically no one drafts those)

    If Jackson got fired it'd probably be the last straw for me.. you have to have continuity, especially with 437 rookies on the roster.
  14. MIGHTY


    Ray Horton got fired. I heard they reached out to wade Phillips to leave Denver and come to Cleveland..... Garrett or Allen seem like good picks but a lot of guys on the browns forum want that trubiskey QB from North Carolina if that's how you spell his name? From northern Ohio and wants to play for the browns is what they're saying. For some reason I wouldn't be surprise if they traded the number one pick but Im tired of them trading down thinking they're going to outsmart everyone. Just pick the best player available for once.
  15. buckeyebowman

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    I think it's spelled Trebiskey, though I could be wrong. Played QB at Mentor HS. 6'4", 225, arm like a bazooka, and has played in pro style offenses in HS and college. Only has one starting season in college, but is eligible to come out this year. Hasn't made that decision yet, last I heard. Didn't look great in their bowl game, but did have 3 TD passes dropped in the end zone by WR's who looked like they didn't want to be there!
  16. MIGHTY


    That's what I'm hearing bowman. Someone posted a highlight video from the bowl game and the drops were there for sure. The guys on the browns forum said he's pretty mobile and his Oline didn't give him much help all season. Sounds like he'd transition the the browns offense pretty easily if that's the case! Do you have an opinion on taking him #1 overall or would you rather go with Garrett or Allen? The browns made me so miserable this year that that I didn't really pay a lot of attention to any football like the previous years so I'm way out of the college football loop.
  17. I'm all for hometown boys ending up on their team, but Trubisky isn't worth a 1st round pick. He would just get hurt behind this o-line like the rest of them anyway.

    Gregg Williams is Horton's replacement, not sure that's an upgrade
  18. Going back to the 4-3 base so thats a plus...we've never had the personnel for the 3-4.
  19. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    I was hoping that they wouldn't have to spend a #1 on him, and maybe get him with their second 1st round pick. Then Count Chocula (Mel Kuiper) the ESPN draft guru proclaimed him the #1QB available in this year's draft if he decides to come out. Gee thanks, Mel! If his college O line is crap that might make up his mind for him. If you're going to get beat up you may as well get paid!

    It's been reported that the Browns do like him, but it was also leaked that they have a "huge score" on Garrett. Question. Why was that info leaked? Is the Browns brass trying to outsmart everybody, or maybe themselves, again this year?
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    I wouldn't pick any qb this year and probably not in 2018 either.Let's face it their record next year won't be a whole lot better than this years so they should get a ton of high picks next year as well as what we have this year.I would bolster both lines and add some good defensive players and maybe a game breaker type receiver.Solidly build the team this coming draft and in 2018 then worry about finding your stud quarterback-getting a good qb now will only end up in an injury.
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