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And they awaken

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by spiff, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Had some time to go out last night for a while at a local private lake... I've been skunked there the last 2 times me and my buddies have gone there. It's the notorious August switch....turned off. So, I spend a couple of hours fishing it every once and a while to see if the fish have turned back on. Last night says that the switch is back ON. Wow.

    I usually just fish for cats and carp, but I kept seeing what looked like crappies sucking down bugs. Put on a jig and my ugliest pink grub and instantly caught exactly 1 crappie. Not huge, but fun.

    Then I saw a red and blue rubber worm on the bank and decided to tie it on for the heck of it. I've missed every single bass that I've gotten a strike from this year. Last night ended that. I tossed the worm out and slowly retrieved it until it got hung up on some brush. I popped it out of the brush and immediately caught a 3 pound bass...nice.

    No more hits on the worm. Tried a rubber craw. It got blasted as soon as it hit the water...but due to operator error...i.e. a crappy knot, no more craw and no fish. That was my last craw too. Note to self: Never get too excited to NOT check your knots...

    My cat pole got a strike while I was bouncing worms that took it off the ground. It's a big pole and a heavy reel. I got strikes on the cat pole every 30 minutes until the moon came up last night. These were vicious strikes like bolts of lightning that shock the crap out of you when they happen. Using livers. Hooked into one, but it broke off on some rocks... From 7:30 to 10:30 last night was a blast.

    Bought some 100 lb test P-Line braid for the cat poles. I want to see one break off now.... I'm pretty sure I could pull my car out of a ditch with it.

    I'll have to try again Friday night to prove my theory, but it looks like the bite may finally be back on.

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  2. looks like you had fun catching,100# line :eek:

  3. Couldn't resist and went back last night. Not as active. The wind was much stronger and out of the SE. Based on the waves in the lake, it had been blowing that way for a while. Caught 3 little crappie and a small bass on jig with a pink grub. Another guy was down fishing with a buzz bait. I saw him get a huge strike and land a big fish. Didn't think much about it until he came around the corner and asked me if I wanted a catfish he just caught....on a buzzbait... My cat poles landed two giant 7" channels last night and this guy catches a 4 pound channel on a buzz bait. That's just not right.... FYI though, the action seems to start 30 minutes before sunset and lasts until just before moon rise..(10pm).
  4. Spiff,

    You may want to try this the next time if you haven't already.

    At times channel cats will feed VERY near the shore line and as the other fellow proved also very near the surface. I am not sure how far you were casting but perhaps you were going too far out. Next time try casting very shallow both directly out and also down the bank line to get away from noise and light. Also you may try floating your bait beneath a bobber a short distance to put it in their zone if they are cruising the surface. I know I have often caught them very near the bank doing this. Also the bobber technique is one that I hear mentioned on here often although I personally have not used that method much. I have been reading a lot of reports of channel cats on surface plugs so this may work well.

    I hope this helps.
  5. Thanks, Brian.

    Looks like one of my poles will get a bobber for a while. Time to test my bobber-stop skills anyway. One of my buddies fishes with us every once in a while (not like us dedicated fools) and always fishes with at least 1 bobber. We don't like him much anymore because he currently catches the big fish (on bobber) when he shows up every 5th time we fish. Guess I should be paying more attention.
  6. Hey, I did try a bobber at 10' this past Friday night. I only got one bite and it was on the bobber...produced 1 catfish...a 5 pound channel. If it had been feeding more, it would have weighed 8 lbs. Very skinny and long. My buddy caught one the same weight off the bottom but it was shorter and fatter. The channels we've caught this year look good until you catch a bigger one. The larger ones look ragged out...cuts, scars and wierd pigmentation... That includes the lake, pond and river cats this year. Maybe they're having an allergic reaction to all the cicadas they wolfed down earlier this year.