And the Steeler Haters SAID WHAT??

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by For my Son, Dec 3, 2007.

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    For my Son Fish to enjoy time with my boy.

    Can you smell the celebratory dinner?????


    Here we go STEELERS Here we GO!!
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    The Squeelers haven't won anything yet. They have been lucky so far to have the easiest schedule in the NFL. You can't convince me how great they are, after seeing that Monday night debacle against a team that has yet to win a game. Tell me how great they are next week after they get crushed by New England.

  3. Absolutely...and Jacksonville the week after that.

    Last time I checked Cincinnati was 4-8 and signing guys off the street to play LB because they are so beat up and their starting RB is playing at about 60% healthy.

    I think Fast Willie the fumbler averaged a killer 2.9 yards a carry against the one of the league's worst defenses...and that was before their LB's started dropping like flies. So let's not test fit the Championship ring just yet...

  4. After winning FIVE World Championships….I think that the NFL knows what size to send to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Last time I checked, the Steelers have beaten the Browns twice this year, and have a 2.5 game lead in the AFC North. So, what exactly have the Brown won…this year, or EVER? LOL

    The Steelers can drop the next TWO games, and STILL be leading the AFC North!

    The toy solider got pushed.....LOL
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    and that is the definition of a bandwagon jumper! 5 rings buys your loyalty! wh
  6. Here's to hoping all of the ignorant Bungal fans finally learned a lesson: of the two QB's playing last night, the better of the two wears a black and gold uniform with the number 7. The best way to sum it up:

    Roethlisberger = WINNER
    Palmer = LOSER

    Case. Closed.

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    Wow there are alot of haters on here. LOL Browns Fans.... keep hoping maybe next year.... (unless you do something stupid like dump Anderson to keep Quinn) And for the Fluffy Tigers... c'mon your coach has to spend too much time trying to keep your Idiot Roster outta jail. How do you expect him to focus on things like I dunno WINNING GAMES. The Steelers HANDLED your "HIGH POWERED SHOWBOATING OFFENSE" without their #1 Saftey and Playmaker on the feild. And even if R.J. was at 100%, he still hasnt had a 100 yard game against the Steelers in 3 years and in only 1 outta 9 meetings has he reached the century mark. Oh and you really gonna act like WINNING that "Football" game in the SLOP that was Heinz Field doesnt count for something, it was a W plain and simple. And yea, Absolutely, the next 2 games will show if the Steelers are real Superbowl Contenders... or not, but dont go ASSuming that the PATS are a lock to go undefeated, Philly showed us that they are human. I Know How you guys feel trust me im a MICHIGAN FAN, but HATING isnt gonna stop the Browns LOSING twice every single year to a better managed squad, and it aint gonna help the BENGALS who after this year will be getting a new head coach and "REBUILDING" again. Just face it the STEELERS OWN THE AFC NORTH.....

  8. Did this guy just say that Ben Roethlisberger was better than Carson Palmer???

    The Steelers own the AFC North with their 2 biggest wins being over the Browns (who stink according to every Steelers fan on here)...

    Congrats Steelers fans...somethin' to be proud of!

    Your still no better than the 4th or 5th best team in the AFC...sad but true.
  9. Well to start, we won AAFC the first 4 years with Otto Graham and then went on to win the NFL championship 4 more times! So I guess that makes us the 8 TIME WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!
  10. Yes, that's what I said, and there is no way it can be disputed.

  11. See, that's where your wrong! The only thing in sports that is undisputable is that Jerry Rice is the greatest receiver of all time.

    Both have been starting since 2004.

    Palmer has just under 3,000 more yards...22 more touchdowns and only 4 more interceptions.

    If you were starting a franchise tomorrow and couldn't pick Brady or Manning (I won't even justify a comparison from Ben to them)...I'm willing to bet that atleast 80% of GM's would take Palmer as their 1st choice at quarterback.

    Roethlisberger is a good player...I've said in this forum that I wish he played for my favorite team, but I would take Palmer first.
  12. Let's look at the 2007 numbers...

    Roethlisberger Palmer
    Passer rating 102.9 87.0
    Comp % 66.9 64.7
    yds per attempt 8.01 7.05
    TD's 25 21
    INT 11 15

    How about career QB rating, you say? Ben=91.5, Palmer=90.4.

    Using yardage totals as an indicator of ability is ridiculous, it just means he throws alot. Yards per attempt, percentage, & rating are all better indicators of a QB's overall game. I would pick Palmer if it was one of those contests you see at the Pro Bowl, where they throw the ball in a garbage can 60 yards away. But to win a game? Big Ben every time.

  13. chaunc

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    Individual stats mean nothing, if your team still loses. Palmer's stats surely mean little in this league. How many games has his team won with him at the helm? What about Ben? At the end of the day if you have a W and only throw 25 passes or an L and throw 48 for 375 yds., which QB would you rather have on your team? Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Warren Moon, even Fran Tarkenton. How many championships did these guys win. Even being hall of famers with GREAT stats. QB's dont win games, teams do. And if Palmer would have put the ball where he was suppose to, maybe TJ and CJ would have played a better game. Dont blame RJ. Fast Willie fumbled 5 times and the steelers still won.
  14. If you consider passing yards a scewed stat because of attempts then you can't say that completion percentage is valid...Palmer has thrown 100 more balls and completed 2% less passes. And David Garrard has a higher rating than anyone not named Brady...I guess I should choose him waaaay before Peyton!?

    I love how when the career numbers went up you jumped to the only year that Ben has played better. Did we say who is a better QB or who is the better QB this season? You have to look at the body of work. It should also be noted that Palmer doesn't have a 1,000 yd back to take pressure off of him to the 2 bug guns, no quarterback means as much to his team as Palmer. You think they're underachieving now??? Imagine not having him.

    You Steelers fans crack me can justify anything about your franchise! Ben is a good player, I admitted that. I'm sure after this we can jump to where Willie Parker ranks amongst NFL running backs...:D
  15. CHAUNC-

    Who is the best quarterback in the league?
  16. DarbyMan

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    As a Steeler Fan this is what I love............

    Steelers beat Clowns.
    Clowns fan response- Well next year we'll have so and so back, we had more yards, its because of the refs. Blah, blah blah. And oh yeah, the Steelers still suck.

    Steelers beat the Bungels.
    Bungels fans response- Well your still only the 4th best team, Palmer is better, wait till next year, the refs again. Blah, blah, blah. And oh yeah, the Steelers still suck.

    Well guess what, there is only one stat/catagory that counts-FINAL SCORE.
    Nothing else matters. There are no easy schedules in the NFL and there are no bonus points for margin of victory, a win is a win, and in the NFL they are hard to come by. The Steelers will be in the playoffs while the Bungels sit and watch and wish they were there. So even if they lose to the Pats they are better than the clowns and bungels combined. When your players get enough probation to attend practice and get better and when you get a coach that knows what a football looks like then you might contend for a division title. Until then take your medicine. Don't hate us for being good, hate your front office for employing cons and bafoons.
  17. I said that Pittsburgh is the 4th or 5th best team in the AFC...I'm a VIkings fan.

    And easy on the convict jokes Bam Morris!
  18. chaunc

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    The guy on the best TEAM in the league this year. Tom Brady. And believe me, with the team Pittsburgh has, i'd take Ben before Palmer.
    Last year, who was the best QB in the league? Peyton. And look at the bears..... QB got them there huh?
  19. Bam Morris?

    Bam Morris is a perfect example of how the Pittsburgh Steelers are a SUPERIOR organization. What did the Pittsburgh Steelers do when Bam Morris entered a guilty plea?

    LOL, all this Steelers talk really PROVES that OGF is Steeler’s Country!
  20. Good point.

    Ben Roethlisberger is a good quarterback on a extremely talented team who is consistently supported by a great offensive line and a great defense who gives him a ton of short fields to work with.

    Carson Palmer is a great quarterback on a team with a terrible defense and a beat up running back.

    I bet that GM number is even higher than the 80% you stated.

    By the way, I'm guessing you're a little pumped up about Adrian Peterson, huh? Talk about a back that runs fearless...he's a pleasure to watch. I hop he stays healthy. He runs so hard he was always nursing an injury at Oklahoma. If the Vikings get a quality tight end and some better QB play, they are talented enough to contend in the NFC next season.