And the parents are where

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  1. Hang on, I need to see where my kids are...

  2. Scary...Remember Dillon here in the Stark & Tuscarawas County area & his shooting sportsmen? He started by shooting small animals for the fun of it, kept progressing through pets, farm animals, & finally humans. That little boy is one sick puppy & needs some serious & ongoing treatment before it's too late.
  3. The kid is uncoachable at this point. They should beat him with the same rock he beat the animals with, and then feed him to Terry. If not, he will be a menace to society for the rest of his life. The parents should cut their losses now, before they get too attached to him, and follow my advice.
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    Un*#@^ingbeliveable! What in the world would possess a 7 yr old to do something of that magnitude. I'm sorry, I pretty much have to agree with Het on this. I think he's beyond help!
  5. First off, none of my children ever have this type of freedom. Second, they would not be able to sit down for a week, if they ever did something like this, and they would work volunteer at the zoo taking care of the animals until he was 18.

    Also, I would not spare him any protection from the media and make them publicly apologize for his actions. A good embarrassment and volunteer service helping animals should prove that this is a bad thing to do, so other children might learn that this is bad also.
  6. I agree 100%. What would drive a SEVEN year old to do this. I would like to meet his parents.
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    I like feeding crickets to spiders, worms to toads, and mice to my snakes. It's the circle of life, this kid took it to the EXTREME!!!! Here comes a hit animal show outta the outback again "Boy menace who enjoys watching other animals act out their predatory insticts"

    The whole smashing the critters to death... well... yeah... that's pretty crazy. I use to have to kill my mice for my pet snake. He wouldn't eat frozen, and I was afriad he would get injured fighting with a live rodent. Not to get into much detail I use to do the "executions" out on my back balcony as my apartment. I alway used a paper towl, a hammer, and of course a live mouse. Well, I did the job, but the blood soaked paper towel ever so gently floated down to the balcony below me... almost like the scene of the plastic bag in American Beauty. Well I had to go down and explain to my neighbor why their was a blood soaked paper towel on her balcony... I felt weird doing it in the least. After that, old Mr. Snake got to take'm live.

    I'm rambling, the kid is crazy.