And the matchups are...

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  1. The Ohio State University v.s. LSU

    Hawaii v.s. Georgia

    Illinois v.s. USC

    West Virginia v.s. Oklahoma

    Kansas v.s. Virginia Tech

    Personally I think that these matchups stink..other than the title game!

    We'll see what the Buckeyes can do in LSU's back yard!!! O-H...
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    I can believe Illinois got in. I guess one big win is all it takes. They're gonna get smoked by USC. I thought a Big 10 team didn't have to goto the Rose Bowl every year. They said earlier on FOX that it might be USC v. Georgia in the Rose Bowl.

  3. I will Hawaii, WVU and Kansas.

    Having said that, the way this year has gone...who knows!!

    I would have much rather seen some combo of Georgia, USC, Va Tech and Oklahoma all playing each other.
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    On a side note.......

    Missouri got screwed big time. I'll bet they are HOT!

    Would not wanna be their opponent in a bowl game, they'll be looking to make a statement.
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    Wow i would love to go down to the game my wife has family just north of new orleans and all but holy crap those ticket prices are worse than the superbowl almost.
  6. I would have to agree that Missouri got screwed. Kansas got in a BCS game and didn't even make it to their championship game. Illinois had 3 losses (i believe?) Those are the first 2 teams I would put them in over and Hawaii would be the next.
  7. I agree that Missouri got screwed and Illinois in my opinion is the most unworthy based on their record. But I still don't think you could take Hawaii out of the BCS . If you do then you may as well write a clause in to the BCS rules excluding some conferences altogether. After all, they did go undefeated in Division I football. But I think if they want to ensure that they get trips in the future they may want to start upgrading their non-conference schedule a bit. I think they may have played almost all I-AA schools in early non-conference games.

    Missouri still has a great matchup in their Cotton Bowl game though with Arkansas. It will not do anything to help them on the polls at the end though as Arkansas is not even in the top 25 on the BCS ranking.
  8. I haven't studied the matchups closely, but to say Illinois is the most unworthy may be a bit unfair. They beat a #1 team in OSU on the road, just like Arkansas and improved dramatically as the season progressed. 3 losses by a combined 20 +/- points (all less than 7) and a young and talented QB/reciever tandem plus a decenta rray of talented players including a Butkis semi-finalist. I agree Mizzou got screwed, especially considering they beat up Kansas (who got in) though I always felt was overrated. Another case(s) of the BCS not being the ideal system.

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    just for kicks young guns oh wasnt replied too
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