And Buckeye Fans Think They Have A Case To Argue!!

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  1. PITTSBURGH — Steelers chairman Dan Rooney did not file a formal protest with the NFL regarding the officiating in Saturday night’s playoff loss. But the fallout over two controversial plays continues.

    The first was a holding penalty called on center Sean Mahan as quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw a two-point conversion pass to wide receiver Hines Ward. Instead of cutting the Jaguars’ lead to three at 28-25 with 10:25 left to play, the two points were waved off due to the penalty called on Mahan.

    After the 10-yard penalty was marked off, the Steelers tried another two-point conversion. That time it failed when Roethlisberger was stopped at the 3 on a run.

    The other controversy involving the officials was a non-call.

    In fourth-and-2 from the Steelers’ 43-yard line with 1:56 left to play, Jaguars quarterback David Garrard took off an on a 32-yard run that set up the game-winning field goal in Jacksonville’s 31-29 win. But three Steelers linebackers — Larry Foote, Clark Haggans and James Harrison — claimed several Jaguars offensive lineman should have been called for holding.

    Had a penalty been called, Jacksonville would have faced a fourth-and-12 from their 47.

    “I don’t want to get fined, but watch the replay on (ESPN’s) SportsCenter,” Foote said after the game. “I saw it out there in the middle of the field, and then I saw it again on the big (scoreboard) screen.”

    “I ain’t got no fine money to give away for talking about them blind refs. So I got nothing to say,” added Harrrison.

    An NFL spokesman said the league has not levied a fine against Foote, Haggans or Harrison as of Tuesday. If any of them are to be fined, an announcement could as early as Thursday.

    In a national radio interview Tuesday, Indianapolis coach Tony Dungy said emphatically that he did not believe Mahan was guilty of holding Jaguars defensive tackle Derek Landri.

    Immediately after the game, Mahan told reporters that he didn’t hold Landri. He said it again Tuesday at team headquarters.

    “It was a terrible call,” Mahan said.

    Mahan said he argued his case with umpire Jim Quirk, who threw the flag, right after the play and again when the game was over.

    Quirk is the same referee who was fined $8,150 — the amount of his one-game pay check — on Dec. 28 for grabbing Green Bay linebacker Nick Barnett around the neck in a Dec. 28 game against Chicago. Quirk grabbed Barnett when it appeared that several Bears and Packers were about to scuffle.
  2. 'Terrible' calls or noncalls are part of the game. Referees are human.

    In the 2nd game against Pittsburgh, when Ben scrambled for the touchdown, Antwan Peek got tackled by a Steeler offensive lineman.

    On the ensuing kickoff, Cribbs returns the ball into Pittsburgh territory. Darnell Dinkins gets called for holding (with a cast on one arm) for pancaking the defender into the ground at the line of scrimmage.

    But that didn't cost the Browns the ballgame, their 3 turnovers and Pittsburgh's great defense in the 2nd half cost them the game.

    Pittsburgh's 4 turnovers and poor 3rd down defense cost them the game, not the referees.

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    Sooooo, what's the point...! :confused:
  4. As a matter of fact no I don't think the Buckeyes have a case to argue. And the same goes for the Steelers. Enjoy your off-season and try again next year just like the rest of the teams.:D
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    Both teams screwed up and lost. Don't blame the refs ! Blame the players.
  6. Not That Wasnt The Attittude Yall Had When Clev. And The Buckeyes Lost.
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    it wasn't the refs it was the dumb personal fouls that was the problem!
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    What about all the taunting No-CALLS that should have been called on Whines Ward. Everytime a play was whistled dead, he would start his jaws with any Jacksonville player. Have some CHEESE!!!
  9. I might get whacked for this, but this is why I do NOT like the replay system.
    Yes, errors are made and yes there have been some problems lately with some officials - I agree to all of that. But frankly I say get rid of replay and let the guys play. Calls get blown and missed completely either way. Under the current system, only "certain" plays can be reviewed not everything.

    And IMO you can't review everything or a game will become 6.5 hours and it would be impossible to maintain any momentum.

    There is a lot of money at stake (even at the college level) and therefore officials should be under intense peer review, etc. Those that don't meet the grade don't work - fire them and replace them. There is no perfect system and this stuff will always happen.

    And both games the Bucks lost they deserved to lose. They simply didn't execute in either of those losses - nothing more.
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    maybe Rooney will ask why the Jags were called for pass interference when it was Hines Ward who was ripping the facemask off of the defender.
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    The refs had nothing to do with the Bucks losing. I am a Steelers fan, and I'm embarrased by Rooney in this one.
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    I stopped taking sports so seriously back in the 80s when the Browns lost to Denver in the playoffs. I found myself upset with the outcome, then even more upset with myself for allowing something so trivial to ruin my day. All we do is root for a uniform. Today a Brown next year the same guys is wearing a Giant's uniform. It's just entertainment and should not to be taken so seriously.
  13. Well said Reel Man, had the same reaction myself and at about the same time!

    My whole life I've always enjoyed boxing. One day was getting pretty upset about a fight and the performance I thought my guy was giving. An older gentleman said "You're watching two millionaires fighting, what did you expect?" Has always kind of stuck with me.

    My dad (a huge football fan) always thougt a player should be compensated by their performance on the field for that given day. No huge contracts just paid for completions, yards, catches, ect..., Everyone would be incentively motived by their given position and rewarded and penalized accordingly. Fumble a ball, miss a block, drop a makeable catch and it could cost you. Always liked this concept, sure would make for some more interesting games.

    I could write a book on this subject so I'll just end it with this. It's pretty sad IMO that an average guy can't afford to take his family to a game. Doubt that can ever change but would like to see it happen.
  14. yes! exactly what bassnpro said! only seeing things from one viewpoint.
  15. I agree with your Dad 100%!!
    I also believe that a poor call or 2 won't cost you a game, & poor calls DO go both ways. In the game I watched, LSU BEAT OSU....period! Yes, I AM a Buckeye fan.
    While I am also a Brown's fan, I think the Rooneys are a classy family, but he embarrassed himself, AND his team, with this.
  16. It appears that Coach Tressel is the "Lloyd Carr" to the SEC.

    FISHNASTY The Catfather

    Don't whine about penalties, I love the Steelers but there stinking special teams and Ben throwing 3 int's lost the game, not the refs.
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    As Jerry Seinfeld, once said- with teams changing cities, and players changing teams, basically, you are rooting for the laundry.
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    i think ANY major college coach would like to have the success that tressel has had during his career.
  20. 73-16 at OSU...can't complain about that!