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  1. A buddy of mine at work is looking for an anchor winch. He has a 23 ft Larson. Any tips on where he may find one, thanks in advance!
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    If so, be prepared to shell out some bucks- those dudes aren't cheap. Even a small unit wil run upwards of $600-$700 bucks. Does he need a vertical or a horizontal windlass? Does he have an anchor locker on that boat or a pulpit, or at least room for a roller?

    Lewmar makes a great one called the Pro Fish I think it is. Free Fall is great for fishing and it has great pulling power. The deck-mount (horizontal) type is the cheapest and sits on top on the deck. I've wanted one for a while as I hate dragging the anchor up a dozen times a night but I can't bring myself to dump that kind of jack on a winch.

    MinnKota makes several all-in-one units but they hold a limited amount of line. If you want to anchor in more than 50 feet of water or more you'll not have the rope to do it. Even they are several hundred bucks for a large enough unit for a boat that size.

    eBay has had some from time to time but I don't like buying anything electrical from the site unless it is new. Too many variables in used electrical gear. The motors are the biggest part of the windlass and may be several hundred bucks all by itself.

    Best price wise would be if they still have them. I saw Lewmars on there for $599 a few months ago.


  3. Craig has a 23 Larson docked right next to me .Is it him that you are speaking of ?
  4. Yeah Mike. That's him. I'll pass on the links to him. Thanks for the help.

    I heard you on the lake Sunday when we were perchin. What water depth did you start in? If it's nice, I may give it a go and need a starting off point.
  5. I was in 50-51 FOW just north of the club i was back out today the marks are still there but the fishing was slow