Anchor retrieval systems

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  1. Just curious how many of you Ohio River guys use these and what brand is recommended? Ill probably get the "large" size which will accomodate up to a 25 lb anchor, I found a few of these around 85 bucks wth shipping. Can anyone give any advice on these. Lately Mellon has been my "Anchor Boy" but that wont last forever then "Ill" have to hand over hand in about 75 feet of anchor all day and that gets a little old...;)
    Does Gander have these and do they all work the same?

    Doc? Firecat? anyone???

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    Accorind to Doc there is only one option! I'm sure he'll chime in on this post.

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    Also.... Mark, Doc suggested for me to order mine directly from Ironwood to make sure I was getting the best straight from them. Luckily I wasable to get a discontinued color (yellow) for quite a bit cheaper than the new color (whatever that is). They also at the time had test modelsthat were being sold at a reduced price. If memory serves me right, they (Ironwood) was $5-10 more expensive on the 25# Richtor anchor, but with the service they showed me I went ahead and bought both the retreival system and Richtor anchor.
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    Ironwood is the way to go, the ball and rope assembly have a lifetime guarantee, I wish I had found this unit a lot of years ago, it is great, biggest thing is to turn the boat away from the ball and pull it at an angle that way the rope doesn't get near the prop.

    After Harold Dodd sunk his boat I have changed the set-up, Harold had hung a big fish tossed the rope and went after the fish, when he came back the ball was floating he pulled up to like he always had done but this time the rope was sticking out about 25 foot it got caught in the prop the boat turned and went down in seconds, now I purchased a lobster buoy on E-Bay and it at the very end of my anchor rope so I can see where the end of the rope is, as far as the retrieval goes it takes a bit getting used to when the anchor is hung it will pull hard on the boat but it has always brought the anchor back to me, you just end up dragging it along like a skier till the ball has water rushing across the top of it then you just bring it in to the boat and the buoy just floats the anchor along it is a great system and worth it's weight in gold the M2 system is the middle size ball, you really don't need the huge ball unless you have a huge anchor, the system will take up some room on the boat but I have sold so many of these things to people that have fished with me I should have taken stock in the company as I could have been retired living off the profits, you won't be disappointed trust me...............Doc
  5. Thanks Doc, Ill check it out...
    Probably put it on the Christmas list and hope the wife doesnt notice I bought it for myself until she see's the package on the doorstep.. ;^)
  6. For a really badly hung up anchor I liked the idea, mention on this site earlier, of using a plastic cable tie that breaks from the chain and then pulls the anchor up from the tines end.

    Wonder how the ball system would work if the anchor was irretrievably snagged ?

    I have a small boat, so once the anchor is loose there is no real problem.