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  1. What are your recommendations for the knot to use when tying an anchor line to an anchor? Thanks in advance.
  2. You should have a thimble, ( I think that is what it is called), at the end of the anchor line and shackle it to the anchor. Or better yet shackled to a piece of chain that is shackled to the anchor.
    The thimble protects the anchor rode from abrasions.

  3. depends what rope you use
  4. Go to the "Great Knot Site" sticky thread at the top of the "Tackle Talk" / General Discusions section and click on the link in the first post. Then click on the "Boating" link at the top of the page. Then click on the "Anchor or Fisherman's Bend". Although you should do steps 9 & 10 a minimum of two times and tie or tape the tag end to the rope. This knot will tighten when pulled.
  5. Thanks. I had noticed that knot link before but was not sure which one to use.
  6. still casting

    still casting Them Boys

    What is the best holding anchor. I have one that doesn't seem to hold very well , I have a 17'8" foot aluminum boat and my anchor won't hold me. I admit I bought it at Wal MArt and that could be the problem but it is the design type that is round that seperated into 3 sections. I think it called the river achor? maybe it doesn't weight enough? any feedback is appreciated.
  7. do you have a rode attached to the anchor? a lot of ropes will float the anchor and the flukes will not grab. ( the rode is the section of chain attached to the anchor)
  8. just some anchoring tips for anyone needing some,
    (1) always anchor off the bow of the boat with the bow being facing into the wind or up current.
    (2) a rule of thumb is you need 3 to 4 times the depth of rope for the water your fishing.
    (3) go up wind or upstream about 40 feet from where you want to fish let the anchor down until it touches bottom and let out the proper amount of rope for the depth of water plus the 40 foot and the boat will stay in place.
    (4) rule of thumb 1 lb of anchor per foot of boat.
    (5) never try to anchor straight down it will NOT hold.

    stillcasting... i have the same anchor you are reffering to on my 1660 fiberglass bass boat and it holds mine fine even on sandy bottoms, try the tips above and see if that helps you.
  9. still casting

    still casting Them Boys

    Thanks for this info , I'm going to try it want to get this down before I go to Erie to perch fish.
  10. This is key, take it from someone who has lost 2 anchors before I satarted using a piece of chain. It keeps rope from damaging and helps flukes dig into bottom