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  1. They did not say how it happened bet he threw the anchor and got tangled in the rope?Have to be carefull at all times!!!!!!

  2. I keep my anchor on top of an open milk crate type box with the anchor line neatly coiled inside.
    Got the idea from OGF member.
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    That would be a frightening experience. Glad there was a rescue, not recovery.

    We coil ours in a nylon bag as well so it's self contained. Always a good reminder to be extra cautious.
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    I keep mine on one of those big extension cord reels. Never have to worry about a tangle.
  5. a good example of why an anchor should be LOWERED over the side, not pitched like a horseshoe!
  6. Here is another point made:
    Have a good radio, know how to call mayday, keep the radio on, and monitor channel 9/16 for others that might need help.
  7. Dont think there is anything better. People will come to help more so if they see flares.
  8. One of the Cleveland news channels had a report tonight that said they had anchored off the stern of the boat. That's what (somehow) started the problems they ended up with. Never anchor any trailerable boat off the stern-particularly on L Erie! If you don't have a way of anchoring off the bow-best not to anchor at all! JMO.
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    I didnt think they had Blue Cats up in Erie, only the Ohio river???